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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sink Fix Re-do

So remember this photo?  I had fixed my sink based on a Youtube video...well it was fixed for a bit and then it started to leak again...and then drip from the tap!  I took everything apart and then put it back together again.  It worked for a bit but then the handle was super loose?!

So back to Youtube I went and found another video.   Actually it was a two part posting.  The first part explained what I had already done, then the second one showed me how to take the entire tap and spout off and install two rings (washers?)

To get the rings I went back to Home Depot and again the parts were part of a Moen warranty and therefore free.  The gentleman at Home Depot did start to speak to me as if I was...(I will be nice), a child but after I explained how I had already changed the cartridge I got some respect:) 

At the same time the bathroom sink was dripping, if it was shut off in the cold position.  AHHHHH when it rains it pours!  But it was basically the same deal, free parts and easy removal of tap and cartridge...and done by watching another Youtube video for bathroom faucets.

This time Breton was my assistant because I think it is important that he see how things are done.

As of today, two weeks later, no drips or leaks!  HOORAY!

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