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Friday, August 5, 2016

Dollar Store Top 10 Deals

1.  With two BIG dogs we go through a lot of poop bags.  a deal Paul found at the Dollarama is instead of buying the colourful poop bags from there go a few aisles over to the baby section and grab the bags to put diapers in.  You save .75 cents and a bonus is that they smell like baby powder.  Come on if you are pooper scoopin might as well have a nice scent to kinda cover up the other smell....

2. Gum 65-77 cents or 2 for $1

3. Candy brand names or $1 versions of the brand names. Hit here before heading to the movies and fill your pockets (make sure they are big so you can even sneak in a drink cuz the $1 store has them too)

4. Baking needs. I try to stick to the brand names.

5. Again sticking to brand names, you can get a little bit of a deal on health and beauty products. I have purchased everything from wax for my brows to conditioner, deodorant and even hair dye. 

6. PARTY PARTY PARTY - party supplies from loot bag goodies to coordinated dining accessories (the napkins are soooo pretty!) 

7. If you are going to a party you can get a card, gift bag and tissue here. Why pay $5+ for a card? So it says exactly what you were thinking but why not purchase a simple $1 store card and write your own thoughts? 

8. Then you could decorate your card with stickers from the office/school supply aisle.  We have found some unique items here (AC/DC & KISS folders and pretty push pins) and Crayola products.

9. Along with the fun school supplies there are toys. Depending on the season 

10. If you are a teacher  or work with kids you already know that the dollar store is great for craft supplies.

Although all these items are from Dollarama, where prices range from .77 to $3.00, I would recommend DollarTree where everything is $1.25.

*****Oh and best location of a Dollarama: in Bells Corners because it is next to FreshCo!!!