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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Weird Moment Of The Weekend

So I went to Lovely Nails Strandherd and got my brows done.

The girl who did my brows went on and on about how her boss (which is her cousin), he told her not to go on her phone.  She told me she only went on it in order to change the ringtone (cuz the one that she had on was too loud).  Her customer was at the sink washing his hands so...she had a moment.  Anyways, my girl went on and on that she is never ever on the phone except this one time and that her boss is always on his phone.  She was very perturbed and I think she stood up to her cousin (because she is 22 and she truly was not on her phone!).  She needs the job, it's her cousin, but was not on her phone, her customer was washing his hands...I didn't know what to say. "Uh, oh that is frustrating, uh that happened today?" Just had happened. "Uh, that's too bad?"

To be honest, she had an accent and I wasn't sure if she was even speaking to me because my eyes were closed and she was up behind me at my head (I was lying down) and it was a thick accent...

Reminded me of this:

I gave her a good tip to make her day a bit better.

Then I felt my brows and there was sticky wax still??!!

Thursday, March 28, 2013


Do these count as a serving of vegetables?  i love this line.  I have natural curly hair and Herbal Essence discontinued my leave in conditioner:(  I have had many a bad hair day trying to fine a new one.  Finally I found this.  I just started using the tomato one for my face and the body lotion (white one) I picked up by mistake (thought I picked the conditioner).  Anyways it helped with this

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Part 5 Everday Happenings in Florida

Everyday we swam, played mini golf and played shuffle board:)  It was a retirement community!

Can you guess what we were doing here?

Part 4 of Florida Trip...

March 17th St Patty's Day

Everyone wore their green!!  There was a parade and the kids collected more candy than at Halloween!

March 18th  Beach Day @ Siesta Key
This Beach was voted best beach in the USA!  The best part was the sand.  It was like flour.  so soft!

Ya I do self portraits too!  Wonder where Daph gets it. 
No that is not the sandcastle up above that we made...
It was overcast and cool so we ended up leaving early and just dipped our toes in the ocean (MOM)

Florida Part 3

March 15th
Lost track of what day of the week it is.  That is the best part of a vacation:)

We went to see the Tampa Bay Rays play the Phillies.

A Daphne self portrait.  I could make an album of her pix alone.  She is so cute.  her one wish at the game was to catch a fly ball (we were along the 1st base line) and we came so close but another kid got it.

March 16th
Alligator Boat Trip

GATOR!  Saw 6 of them.

 Self portrait a la Daphne***

Dog named Rusty on the boat.

Breeding ground for many birds.  Alas no manatee:(

Monday, March 25, 2013

Florida Part 2

Wednesday March 13

Strawberry Festival!  At the Maple Leaf complex, the tennis club has a year end party.  Every year, they prepare a tonne of strawberries and if you are lucky enough to have a ticket you get a huge bowl of strawberry shortcake.

Thursday March 14

You know you are a somebody if you make on Robyn"s Nest!!!!

My Aunt Lynda and Uncle Paul in Sun City!!!  It was grrreat to see them:)

My cousin Alison whom I had not seen in almost 10 yrs!!  I got to meet her husband, her now grown up daughter Zoe and her second daughter Kiki:)love the nickname.
 It was cool temps so I did not swim but both kids eventually got in the pool:


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Florida Schedule

3/11/13 3/12/13 3/13/13 3/14/13 3/15/13 3/16/13 3/17/13 3/18/13 3/19/13
AM Robyn/Kids Sleep in Open Open Uncle Paul/
Dad/Bev Bowling Golf Open Aunt Lynda Boat Trip
Golf Uncle Paul/ Baseball Aligator
PM All Open Open Strawberry Aunt Lynda Baseball Watch St. Patrick
Festival Uncle Paul/ Baseball Boat Trip Parade
Hole in One  Aunt Lynda Baseball Aligator
Club Baseball Watch
Evening Fishermen's Poker/Line Poker
Village Dancing Dinner
Open = Swimming/Mini Golf/Beach/Shopping  

Friday, March 22, 2013

Florida 2013

Sunday March 2013

Travel from Ottawa to Chicago was delayed, luckily Chicago to Florida was delayed, we arrived at 3AM.

Monday March 2013

After our long flight, the next day Breton unwound in these snazzy light up slippers.

Tuesday March 12
Somewhat rainy day, so Grandpa & Grandma's golf was a NO-Go so we visited Imaginarium Children's Museum.

Touch the sea life pool.

Science challenges.


Saw a 3-D movie

Saw some fish, reptiles and amphibians up close

Later that day:


We stopped to see the Manatee (alas Marvin the Manatee was not there).  It was a canal at the base of a hydro plant so when the gulf is cold the manatee come to feed here.
I love manatees, and in high school, for a project, I "interviewed" a manatee, Marvin.  I recorded it on a cassette tape and played it as my project.  Those that were in my class will remember:)
Next time I will take adavntage of the opportunity to kayak with the manatee at this same location.
Dinner at Fisherman's Village.
To be continued...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Bonne Fete Manon!!

Bonne fete a m'amie MANON!!
Je t'amie
Tu est une personne importante dans ma vie.
Cet annee je ne sais pas si je peu venir au travail tous les jour si tu n'etais pas la:)
Merci pour la supportte
Parce que je conais toi je suis une plus bonne personne.
My apologies for my french but I know you know what I am trying to say.
I wish you nothing but the best.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Lordy lordy look whose 40!!!


Happy Birthday
pretty lady!!
Have a wonderful 40th birthday.  I feel like we are still as young as when we first met (in Gr 7!!!)
Let me tell you her nickname is Mickle Pickle but she will not be dillied around with!
watch out!
She is so fierce!!
love ya lots!