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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

This guy:

Yes I ran the Sears Great Canadian Run on September 12th as a member of Team YMCRuns. I had the BEST support from this guy:

Mr Paul Grant!!!!

He said yes to coming, he booked the hotel, printed every leg of the race off, he also printed all the maps needed to get to Collingwood, after dropping the dogs off at my Dad's in which he met my Dad and Bev for the first time, he bought all the food for our adventure... Then on Race Day he got me to my Exchange Point #8 to start, then drove the car to my end Exchange Point#9. He was planning to run back to me (10k) from Exchange Point #9 to #8 but luckily he got a ride from Teammate Erin's hubby.  He would have run 20km if he had ran back to me. He ran by my side, he ran behind me and in front off me. He took pictures of me every 1/2 KM.  He listened to me whine when I said I couldn't do it. He carried two of my shirts, my phone, my jacket, my water, as he said "I am your mule." With a big smile on his face.

He understood when I snapped at him to go on without me "Because I need to run alone!"

He was there at the finish. Got me an apple, water and continued to snap pictures.

This guy:
Is the BEST!!! 
That's why I love him!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

This is happening here!

Wanna run a 100k relay? Ok you do not have to run the whole thing but be a part of a team that works together to complete the 100k.

On October 3rd Sears Great Canadian Run is happening from Ottawa to Montebello.  Funds raised go towards CHEO and to #EndKidsCancer.

Check it out:

I had so much fun when I did it as a member of #YMCRuns.

Oh and after your run you can go to Parc Omega!  My happiest place on Earth!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sears Great Canadian Run Wrap Up

It has been over a week since I traveled 6 hrs to run for #YMCRuns in support of #EndKidsCancer and Sick Kids Hospital.
Here is a photo journal:
Up and ready to go!

Much of the team had never met each other so it was suggested to print off a sign with the above info. I didn't have access to a printer so we made our own. Thx Georgian Manor for the paper and markers. 
Georgian Manor prettiness!


My little helper:) I needed it

Paul dropped me off at my exchange point, I was alone, then two men in a van showed up...I contemplated what to do in here!

I eventually came out of the porta potty.

We had a bit of time to kill so we tried taking a jump shot. We never got it timed right:(

My Team ROCKS!
Then I started my run...

And I ran. Well by this hill I was walking...

But what goes up must come down:)
Hand off to Candace. Thank God she ran to meet me. I was spent.

All done!!! Woohoo!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

I run

I am not the fastest runner nor the strongest but I do run and I do finish.
I have been on the ground at 19K in a 1/2 marathon and had a fireman massaging my calves. Mmmmm marathon memories.
I have cried at the end of three out of the four 1/2 marathons I have run. One because I did it, one because I took too long and the last time a combination of the two.
During one 1/2 marathon, I didn't get the goop on the end of the tongue depressor... I thought it might be the gel you take to give you an energy blast...luckily I did not grab a stick and eat it. It was Vaseline! To put on parts that were chaffing!
I usually feel like I am going to barf after sipping a little H2O or Gatorade at the water stations but then I burp and I am fine.  I have never barfed from running and never plan to!
I have also never suffered mid race diarrhea! Just sometimes need a mid race pee but refuse to pee myself in order to keep racing!
Running with music makes me run faster.
I also always get a blister at the top of my Princess toe on my right foot and usually only there.
The "high" I get after running lets me get sh*t done! And keeps me sane. Running is my medicine.
Pretty running clothes gets me excited about running.
My runners cost more than my weeks groceries:(
I run so I can eat...everything!
The crowds are what keep me going.
I run for my health, to show my kids that it can be done and because I can.