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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Whatcha watching?

So you only have Canadian Netflix or you've switched back because you fear getting caught with your American version illegally, whatever the situation here's what I recommend:

House of Cards
Friday Night Lights
Nashville which has the Mom from Friday Night Lights, no idea what her name is but I enjoy her
Bloodline, which has the Dad from Friday Night Lights, whom I also enjoy
Orange is the New Black, 1st season is the best but all episodes will give you a chuckle. A better women's prison series is Wentworth but this is not a comedy FYI
Marco Polo
For a good laugh go with: The Mindy Project and Master Of None
The 4400
Sherlock, more British series I enjoyed are Downton Abbey, Luther, Wentworth, Call the Midwife, Happy Valley, Scott and Bailey
The 100s

Did I miss any TV show? Let me know:)

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Is it all in how you slice it?

To me this is beautiful!
It's one of my favourite veggies, the red, orange and yellow variety that is, not green. The pepper!
But how do you cut your peppers?

Cut the top off then "core" it or cut out its insides?

Or do you just slice off the sides?

Or cut the sucker in half, take out the middle and slice it up horizontally?

Avoiding the tiny seeds everywhere is the goal for me.

Eating it there is no question: a bucket of hummus and I am good to go:) 
Elevated a level and quarter the pepper, spread some goat cheese, bake or BBQ and it is heavenly!!!

Yum peppers!

But not green:(