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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What's for dinner tonight?

Tonight I made pizza.  I made the dough for the crust this morning and then tonight made 3 different pizzas.

Using our favourite pizza crust recipe I made (1) a chicken and pineapple pizza (tomato sauce base, chicken cooked in white wine small pieces of fresh pineapple covered in cheddar cheese)
(2) Salsa cheese pizza: used a base of plain tomato sauce and then added some salsa and covered with cheddar cheese
(3) Pesto Pizza: spread pesto sauce over crust, added chicken and mini tomatoes, sprinkled with Parmesan cheese and a little bit of cheddar.  This one was my favourite!!! 

Random question:
Corey Hart or Bryan Adams?  Me= Corey Hart (heard "I wear My Sunglasses At Night" while cooking the pizzas:)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Ribfest 2012!!!!

This is what we did this past Friday night:
Love the RCMP security guards on the Hill!  This one just came up and shook B's hand. 

Billy Bones BBQ YUMMY!!

Pulled pork sandwich all the way!

1/2 rack Mister!

So messy but so good:p

God Bless the pig (& chicken) that sacrificed itself for our yummy food

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Garage Sale Find!

So I have had my eye on this very large glass canister for quite awhile.  They sell it at Loblaws and Walmart for $20.  I was waiting for it to go on sale.  I only wanted it for the kids' markers so I did not want to pay full pop.  A few Saturdays age Jeff was working, so the kids and I decided to hit a bunch of garage sales...just to see.  Well at our first street sale a found the canister!  I was very excited and the lady was only charging $10.  Actually she said $10 or whatever I offer.  Stupidly I paid the $10.  I should have made an offer starting at $5, because I got it home, washed it and there was a huge chip on the inside lip of the lid!  I am such a novice garage saler!!!  I let my excitment over the find override me making an even better deal!  Afterwards I felt scammed!  But I did get it for cheaper than the store and I have waited a long time for it so I am happy:)

But next time for sure I am offering a lower price than whatever the original price is!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Walk Run & Roll: We love Rogers House!

On Sunday June 17th 2012, Father's Day, our family did the Walk Run & Roll for Rogers House.  It was great.  Breton and I ran (he left me in his dust but we did run it just not together:) and Daphne and Jeff walked the 5Km course.  Afterwards we got a BBQ lunch and were entertained by a trampoline show, petting zoo and we met Ottawa Senator Chris Neil!
We got to see my Mom's good friend Jenny, whose grandson Connor was on the Dream Team.  There was a VERY moving speech by a family whose child stayed at Roger's House.  The Dream Team released butterflies and started us off on the race.  We learned that the event raised $160,000.  When we got home Breton asked if we would be doing it again next year!  For sure!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

I ran

So to be healthy I run...on the treadmill.  I enjoy it.  I watch the TVs at the gym or listen to my tunes on the Ipod.  The most I have run/walk is approx 10km.  But those times it was sprint then walk.  Well this past Saturday I ran outside a whole 10km!!  Yes I am proud of myself and it was more a shuffle run but I did not walk and I did not stop.  I followed the race course for the Barrhaven Fun Run that had occurred the week before.  My tunes on the Ipod really helped.  It was a new play mix with songs I had not heard in awhile so I think that helped a lot.  I was also doing it at 5:46am.  It was the perfect temp, I saw the sun coming up, I came across 3 bunnies and there were not many others out at that time...perfect!  I was not wearing a watch but I think it took me approx 75min.  I know to all my "athlete" friends that may seem long but did I mention that I ran the whole thing?!  I even sprinted the last bit in order to pass an elderly walker that was ahead of me.  Yes I nearly did puke and/or pass out but I just sat for a bit then headed home.  I felt so good because honestly I do speed runs of about 3-4km during the week and as mentioned before never completely ran an entire 10km.  I was sore a bit later in the day but was on a high for completing it. 

Just thought I'd share.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

One memory I have with my Dad is, when complete strangers at a restaurant asked if I was his daughter.  They said they could definitely tell because we looked so much alike.  I am glad I look like my Dad now (not back then).  You certainly did get picked on, with four ladies in the house...even our pets were female but you took care of all of us. 
 Dad: you were/are a wonderful Dad!  I hope you have a wonderful day.

Jeff's Father's Day started on Friday when Daphne cooked him dinner;)  She had this idea for a meal and had been asking for awhile to make it so Friday she made it as an appitizer.  Here is the recipe:
One hard boiled egg
2 cups of rice or quinoa(she used quinoa because that is what was leftover in the fridge)
plum sauce

Heat up or cook the quinoa.  Put some plum sauce on the quinoa, as much as you like.  Peel the hard boiled egg and chop it up.  Daphne does not like the center(yolk) so she left that out and just did the egg whites.

Jeff said he enjoyed it and Daphne ate all of hers.  I do not like eggs so I did not have any and Breton missed out because there just wasn't enough for him:(
It was just so cute.  Daph was so proud.

Today we are off to do the Walk Run & Roll for Rogers House at Scotiabank Place.

Hope you have fun with your Dads!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Uncle Jay!!!

Sorry Jay this is the only photo I could find of you:(
Hope you have a great day!
Happy 34th!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Miss Robyn meets the guys from Big Sugar...almost?!

So this past Sunday Jeff and I went to see George Thorogood and the Destroyers at the CE centre.  It was very fun and Jeff and I were in the lower age group category:)  The one negative was that we had seats across the aisle from each other HUH? So they had bar tables set up at the back so we watched it from there.  I realized I may have been of the younger age group but I sure needed my glasses!  I could not see the faces of the singers at all just faceless bodies singing.  George was great.  He played Jeff's theme song (one of Jeff's ) Bad To The Bone.

A nice surprise occured...we did not know there was an opening act but there was.  It was Sit Down, Servant!  They were 2 guys with big beards one had really long hair and the other had kinda long hair.  The really long haired guy had a red bandana around his head.  Made me wanna try pursuing being a roadie again!! Yes it is a dream job of mine. Bandana totin' dressed in demin from head to toe... Well the best part was the guy with the banadana was Gordie Johnson from Big Sugar, one of Jeff and I's fav bands!  They had broken up awhile back:(  I think they are back together now?? The best was when they played Swing Low Sweet Chariot!   Anyways you could buy their CD and they would sign it.  Jeff would have bought it for me but I did not have a camera so if I was going to buy the CD and meet the guys I wanted it on film (so to speak) so I could share it with everyone. So no CD, no photo and really I did not know what I would have said to them: go all Beiber on them or play it cool and not say much.  What I would have liked is a photo with me fondling their beards.  Yes I like beards but that is another blog for another time.  Jeff looks awesome with a beard!!!

Check out Sit Down Servant here: (Not Me in photo:( maybe next time!

George Thorogood here:

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Is your bucket full?

So recently I applied for a blogging position with Yummy Mummy as their education/book blogger (this was on May 22nd haven't heard anything) so I decided to share one of my sample blogs I submitted: ENJOY!

Have you filled someone’s bucket today?

Did you even know that you have a bucket and that it needs filling?  That is the premise of Carol McCloud’s book “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?”  We all have a bucket and everyone’s bucket needs to be filled with “good thoughts and good feelings about yourself”.    As a bucket filler, you can fill people’s buckets by smiling at them, giving them a compliment or by telling them you love them.   But you may encounter bucket dippers, people who hurt other people and have an empty bucket themselves.  They try to take from others in order to feel better.

 It is such a simple concept but has a profound effect.  As a parent,  you and I want our children to be good people.  We try to lead by example but this book helps us by writing it and illustrating it, in an easy way for very young children to understand.  A young mind is so absorbent, along with all that academic education why would you not want your child to learn this too, how to be a kind and caring person?

It may not solve bullying but it is an excellent way to reinforce to children how to be a good friend.  It helps young children learn to care and give love to others.  Hopefully by teaching it to students at a young age it will stick and grow as they become really good at filling other people’s buckets.  As a teacher to young students, I have used this storybook as a reminder to them about how to treat their friends.  I also know of the staff of a school that helped literally fill each others’ buckets with good thoughts. 

There are additional books to emphasize and incorporate bucket filling into everyone’s everyday life, Fill a Bucket: A Guide to Daily Happiness For Young Children,  Growing Up with a Bucket Full of Happiness: Three Rules for a Happier Life  and My Bucketfilling Journal: 30 Days to a Happier Life.  You can also check out for even more inspiration and ideas.  The website has merchandise, resource ideas for teachers to use in their classroom including downloadables and you can sign up for a bucket filler’s newsletter .

When I first discovered this book I read it twice in one week and I could hear my students talking about their buckets and even sending a compliment my way to make sure my bucket was full!