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Monday, December 26, 2016

Oh Christmas Tree :) !?

This year we got a real tree again. Normally I get an IKEA tree because of the $20 gift certificate to use later at IKEA, but this year there really was nothing I "needed" from IKEA. So we decided to go and chop our own.

Breton and I took turns sawing down the tree...

from our front garden!!!
Can you see B's feet?
I got the tree as a seedling given out at a parade.  It was probably about 14 years old.  It was blocking other plants in the garden so that is why I decided to use it as our Christmas tree.
Once inside, I had to reinforce it with dental floss (tied to the railing behind the tree) but in the end the tree just had a crooked trunk and depending on what angle you looked at maybe crooked or it looked perfectly straight.
and it never fell over!!!!
So I forgot to take a pic of the decorated tree!
But trust me it was so pretty.  I think it is my absolute favourite.  It smelled fresh, it didn't dry out and it is very Charlie Brown like!
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!