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Monday, May 30, 2016

Get me my coveralls! This girl's getting greasy!

Well maybe not greasy but I am doing some car maintenance on my own (with Paul as my teacher:). 

Recently I went for an oil change and attached to the receipt were a list of other items that were recommended to be done (see above).
Paul showed me how easy it is to do the air filter, cabin air filter and cooling system flush (we didn't flush but did top up fluids).  All were purchased at Canadian Tire and all were quite easy to do. Although I have claimed before that I would never do mechanical "fixes" these were easy. I am a hands on learner and having Paul show me once makes me feel confident to do it the next time.

The total cost would have been: 

By doing those three things on our own we saved $95. We didn't do the headlight but that is another one that we could do ourselves (for some reason it now is working?!?) and I am not sure the stabilizer bar kit could be done on our own... But I am willing to even try an oil change on my own:) next time.

Everyday there is something to be grateful for...

Today I am grateful for:

Cottage days
Everyone together 
Beautiful weather
Eye advice
Walk in clinics
Spring flowers
Good people to work with 
Quiet times