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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Hidden Gems

So spending time with Paul in Bells Corners has lead to the discovery of some hidden gems.

One of these gems is the Bells Corners Loblaws.  If you visit at the right time you can find some really great deals. It is a smaller store and I am not sure if it has as much traffic but they tend to drop prices, especially in their deli department, frequently to move stock out either because it is close to expiring (a lot of fancy cheeses we freeze) or the product just isn't moving quick enough but they need to make room for different newer items.  Whatever the reason, we are enjoying some exceptional lunches at the cottage.
Right beside the Loblaws (@Moodie and Richmond Rd) there is an Old Zellers.  This Zellers sells off overstock from The huge discounts. Up to 70% off.  It carries everything from furniture to appliances to shoes to kitchenware and tons of clothing. A lot is high end (Ann Taylor, Lacoste) at major discounts. I seriously regret not purchasing a classic navy blue dress by Ann Taylor for $6.97!  I got my sister a gorgeous plaid dress coat for $35. Again it was Ann Taylor and was regularly $170!

If you need something, anything it is worth a try.


Sunday, June 12, 2016

Heading here this summer!!!

Any suggestions as to where to go?  We are going the long weekend in August and we are staying at the Flamingo... Can't wait!!

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Worth the trip...

What is worth the trip?

Fresh Co. in Bells Corners!

Since dating Mr. Paul Grant I have been introduced to many new things.  One of them is going grocery shopping at Fresh Co.

Here is our top 10 reasons to shop there:

1. The store is cleaner than that other discount grocery store, especially the produce section.
2.  They price match.  They even do it for you, if they find somewhere else that has a lower price on something they will automatically reduce it in their store. Plus you can price match other items if you find them
3.  They sell gardening supplies from hanging baskets to mulch at lower prices
4.  They have $5 cakes that are perfect for dessert...Rolo Cake come on! Yum!
5.  They have a large ethnic section.
6.  They also have a health/organic section.
7.  Overall a good variety of items to select from, even some unique ones like coconut whipped cream!!
8.  Beyond their flyer, they have unique in store specials too
9.  Flyer starts Thursday and they keep deals in stock for the majority of the week unlike that other discount grocery store
10. Staff is very friendly. Paul has a "Norm from Cheers" relationship with them (he goes daily or more).
11.  It is located in a mall where there is a Dollarama so even more savings (Upcoming blog Top 10 things to buy at the dollar store).

We even know of someone that lives in Gatineau but will travel to the BC Fresh Co because the deals are that good!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Help Yourself Tuesday

So I once heard someone (I think Oprah)say that you have to be your own advocate.  The subject was your health.  I took it to mean you need to ask for more information and question the information you are given.

Due to events in my past, I feel when I go into new health situations, I always have my guard up.  Even to the point where I jumped down the throat of the mammogram nurse last time I was in for a mammogram.  I questioned the fact that I am always called back for either another mammogram or an ultrasound because I am smallish.  "Doesn't this expose me to more radiation doing it twice, therefore increasing my risks?"  The nurse explained that the newer machines are better at taking pictures and detecting concerns and they don't give off as much radiation and the machines are designed to protect.  I apologized for my tone and that it was based on past worrisome experiences.  She was kind and understood.

That brings me to another fact when advocating for yourself: do your research.  Now with the internet we have access to info...a lot of information.  This can cause more stress but you need to know your facts/information in order to ask good questions to ease your mind.  Whenever I go to my family doctor, Dr. L. Kent (woot woot she is awesome) I always have some internet info.  She is always patient and explains everything and answers all my questions.

There maybe times when you are not able to advocate for yourself so you need to find someone who will question for you and ask for more information. 

I know the doctors know more than me concerning health issues but we all can get in a rut and do the same old procedures so it is your right to question. It can ease your mind because there will be times that you will need a focused mind to heal, recoup or continue battling.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Grateful Gal

Grateful for:

Hot days and cool water
fireflies fish and frogs
compassionate people
generous people
The internet and WIFI
good food
walk in clinics


So there are times in my house when all three of us are together but on our "devices". At times I am disappointed, slightly depressed and somewhat disgusted that this is happening in my house! 

I am gonna say this and I feel old saying it but when I was younger, we played outside, building forts, catching salamanders and riding our bikes...
I also played games on our Commador 64, Nintendo original and watched TV.
I thought about it today, because of my worry over too much screen time, I am uber aware of doing things together...playing games, bike rides or even watching a movie together. But is our screen time today any different then when I was younger?

Way back then we didn't always watch TV together (we had two TVS), my Mom didn't play Nintendo with us and we were outside having adventures, Mom and Dad were doing their house things.

So is it a lack of time together or is it a lack of physical activity or is it a concern over what we are accessing or playing on these devices? Mindless, pointless games (or do they all have some benefit) and useless information about people who shouldn't this the downfall of technology today? 

Oh or is it that many "relationships" are cyber?

I think the biggest difference today is that our screens are portable. You can have access to your screens anywhere you go. You could possibly never get a break from your screens, except when you sleep.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Free 5K

Today Daphne and I are doing a 5K run.  At the Agricultural Museum, the first Saturday of every month from April to November, there is a timed 5K run.  You can register online or when you get there.  You can also go online afterwards and record your time.

A bonus after the race... they sometimes giveaway free t-shirts from other races (Race weekend) and books.  They also do draws for sports socks and ball caps.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Da bowls...

Slow down doggy

So I had an "AHA" moment recently while feeding Ruby and Phoenix, my two fur babies.  The two wolf down their food, to the point that they have occasionally choked.  Choked then ate it... Ewww 


I flip their bowls over.

Now they work harder to get their food therefore slowing down:)

So perfectly simple.  And I didn't have to purchase a fancy shmancy bowl.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Fancy Dancy

So fancy...may I take your order?

At work we had a "fancy" day. You had to dress up in your fanciest.  I didn't know how fancy to go so I chose to dress "boy" fancy or  androgynous.
I wore a bowtie.
I did not like wearing a bow tie. It's not because one of the students said I looked like a magician but I did feel like a waiter though. Maybe it was the jacket...
I think boys and men who do wear bowties are adorable....maybe that was it...I looked "cute".
Well I can't say I will go this route the next fancy day... maybe I will breakout my ball gown.