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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Farewell Lulu Hello Wally

So as I have blogged before I love my Lululemon clothing.  As particular races have filthified my clothes(Badass Dash, Run Or Dye,Spartan), who wants to crawl in the mud and ruin your Lulus and my budget limits bans Lulu purchases, I have tried to find other sports/clothing lines to buy.

My new favourite is Walmart!

I purchased a pair of black Capri leggings years ago from them, ran my first half in them and wore them until the crotch started to split. Seriously I think I had them for 10 years. I even bought the full length legging to run in on colder days. 
The leggings!

My purple running shorts I bought for Spartan, thinking if they get ruined it won't matter because Walmart sportswear does not cost that much, under $20 each for the items already mentioned. My purple shorts have gotten me several compliments and got me through my first triathlon.  
The purple shorts! At my second triathlon:)

My most recent purchase has been a black pair of biking shorts, bought for the Badass Dash. Get them dirty, get them ruined I paid so little for them it won't matter. But guess what they made it through the race and I can still wear 'em!
The shorts! Wearing them after the race!

So for now on if I need clothing to sweat in, get dirty in, Walmart will be my go to place. The convience alone makes purchasing quickly, so simple. There's Walmarts everywhere!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Gonna hook you with this!!!!

Thank you to everyone who has donated to my Easter Seals fundraising.  I tell my kids I am 1/2 Canadian 1/2 Crazy and all this fundraising is allowing me to take part in another exciting adventure: rappelling down a 20 story building at 280 Slater Street on September 21st.

Here is a link to a video as to what funds raised by Easter Seals helps with:

To further raise funds for #eastersealsontario, I am selling hooks made from branches.  They are rustic looking, approximately 5-7 inches long, they come with screws and plugs to hang and are $5.00 each.  I can even mail them to you!!! For free!!!  All funds will go directly to my fundraising.
Very easy to put up!

For your accessories!

Your towels

Got medals?

Email me
Message me on Facebook or text me if you have my number:)

Thank you for your support!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Humbling Race for an Unimaginable Experience

I have worked with preschool children for 20+ years. In all those years not one of those children had to battle cancer.   But it is a reality for many families. 
I have been given the privilege of participating on Team #YMCRun in Sears Great Canadian Run @grtcdnrun. We are doing a 100km relay run from  Toronto to Blue Mountain, on September 12th.  This relay run is in support of ending kids cancers, #EndKidsCancer.  
Please check it out and lend your support. Team YMC Run's goal is $10 000
Click here to donate and see our Team page:

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Slow and steady

So my Wonder Woman vibes and all the goodness that Easter Seals does has brought some support my way for the Drop Zone campaign!

Thank you to 

Tim Webb
Audrey & Sean Leclaire
Manon Forgues & Martin Dubois
Graham, Adriana and Katheriene Woolner Falsetto
Aimee Smith
Layla Mackay
Isaac Mackay
Tim Mackay

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Drivin' for your dollar!

Ok I have been in vacation mode and have had one awesome summer but I have put off collecting YOUR dollar for my Easter Seals Drop Zone fundraising
So I have decided that if you message me, (via Facebook or I will come and collect your $1! You do not even have to be home, leave it in your mailbox! I will go collecting this coming Monday!  
You can also do an e-transfer or go to the first link listed above and donate:)

Thank yous go out to the following:

Molly G
Stella G
Their new baby bro (coming in December)
Paul Grant
Emma Grant
Liam Grant
Bob Grant
Carolin Grant
Jenr (she donated an American dollar)!

I thank you in advance for your donation to Easter Seals, a great cause!
And thanks for helping this adrenaline junkie get her fix...again!