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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Another SHOUT OUT!

This shout out goes to Speedy Auto Glass on Eagleson Rd.  Kanata , in particular Mark.

After my triathlon, my bike was hooked on the back and I am not sure what happened but my entire back window of my car shattered!

I mean into a million pieces!

We were leaving for our vacation Monday.  It was Saturday. Auto glass shops are NOT open Sunday...

Luckily with Google's help I was able to call a 1-800# that enabled me to make an appointment for when the Kanata location opened Monday morning.  And they managed to preorder the glass.  I told them I would take a clear replacement because I just wanted to get going Monday as quickly as possible.

Monday came and there was miscommunication between the actual location of Speedy Kanata and their call centre, wherever that maybe located.

Originally I was told to arrive at 8:00AM, glass will arrive at 9:30AM and the job should be done by 11:00AM.  Yeah! Then I could get on my way.

When I got there, Mark told me glass does not arrive until 10:30, my car won't be looked at until 11:00AM.  Mark understood the miscommunication with the call centre (been down that road before I assumed).  I told him we were trying to get our trip started.  We had plans to go see the Blue Jays on Canada Day (the next day).

Well a HUGE thank you to Mark.  He had my car done by 11:00AM!!!!

I am not sure how he did it but I am so thankful.  Then a bonus was that he said my after market tint was covered by insurance so I could come back and get that done too!, Mark was so friendly and personable with the kids.  His brother had played in the NHL so he and B bonded over that and about the baseball too.

My rear windshield wiper even got cracked and he taped and glued it as a temporary fix until I got a new one, which he offered to install.

Need your auto glass fixed, go to Speedy Kanata and see Mark!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Thanks Blake aka Da Beast!!!!

I have to send a huge shout out to Blake Claydon.  He was at the triathlon and if it weren't for him I don't think it would have went so well.

He showed me how to set up, where to go and secret tips to make the race go smoothly.  Ok tips aren't really that secretive but they helped.

Thanx Blake.

BTW he only beat me by 8 minutes:)

Ok he did the Super Sprint (had to run 3km more than me) and he had done an Elite Spartan race that morning... That's why he is:
Da Beast

Friday, July 25, 2014

RIP Poppy

Remember this post:


So I have an umbilical hernia.  It normally does not bother me.  Usually only after I have done some heavy lifting.  I will not touch it directly.  It can be tender when in the shower and I am washing my body.

I was going to have you all name it but then I named her myself...her name is Poppy!  She is that little marble like nodule above my belly button.  I had it looked at by my Dr and she said until it really causes discomfort not to worry.

Say hi to POPPY!!!

Well Poppy did start to give me discomfort:(

The most recent episode left me feeling nauseous feverish and then real sore and discomfort where Poppy was located.

When I realized it was Poppy, I pushed her back in and I immediately felt better.  Yes ewww! I never touched her. I put my shirt over her and then used my palm to gently push her back into place ugh !

So I went back to my Dr and we made an appt to see a specialist.

Dr Monaghan was the specialist and he recommended surgery.  Placing a mesh over the hole therefore putting Poppy back in place for good.

Why did this happen? Dr Monaghan said that when babies are born usually the umbilical area heals up inside where your belly button is, well some don't and you get a hole.  

This past Monday I had my patch job done.
I got dropped off at the Queensway Carelton for day surgery.

I took 4 Tylenol 3 in all and have since been on Motrin.  Mostly at night or not at all.  I have taken half the bandaid off but am to chicken to pull it all off.

Minor surgery grateful for the nurses so nice and the Drs too.

So thankful to you Susan for driving me and picking me up and babysitting me while high at the drugstore and understanding my tears.

What am I eating??

WAFFLEs made with my new waffle maker/iron
I use this recipe:

Waiting for these to grow tomatoes and peppers.  If you plant it they will grow.  well if you remember to water them:( which was tricky being away for almost two weeks yet they survived. Can't wait for them to be ready!

*********side note***************

To the boys that still read my blog, I ask why?
We aren't friends on FB partly cuz I don't want to know what you are up to:( 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Recycling:free and fun

Last Saturday I went to an auction. But not just any auction.  We had to bring items in good working order and in decent shape, the host gave us money to bid on the items and if you were the only one interested in the item, you got it for free!

I brought a collection of mugs and a bottle of alcohol.  My friend and I were given $3700 to bid with.  The money was fake but the bidding was seriously fun;) Actually, a lot of items were given away without "paying" anything.  I held out for awhile taking in how it all worked.  There was original pieces of art work, there was a chainsaw and hedge trimmer, bottles of wine, shelves, a couple of bikes, a workout bench, party, office & craft supplies, frying pans, preserves and even 6 secret boxes that you could bid on.  They either had a gag gift in them, extra "money" or special cards awarded to get: 'double your bid' or 'highest bidder'.

I walked away with a luggage set(free), a waffle maker(free) and a rain barrel (I paid $1700).  Oh and my friend and I got a bottle of maple syrup...that we are going to use when I make waffles with my waffle maker.

Anything that wasn't bid on went to the side, free to anyone who wanted to look through and who may have changed their mind about an item (like the Richard Simmons exercise DVD).  At the end of the day whatever was't taken was donated to Valu Village.  Some items were even saved for Toy Mountain to be given this Christmas.

It was a great event to get rid of your unwanted stuff, find something you have been looking for and I met some great new people.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Boooo I have to do it myself:( !?!?

Marshmallow and Artisan need to get on my wall.  Also a plate rail to divide them.

Yes I am still blogging about my boudoir:(

GBE painting didn't work out.

Traded that Groupon for a carpet cleaning one from Codymobile.

Clean carpets that look brand new make me happy!
I highly recommend Codymobile!

This time last year, when the kids were away, I painted the TV room, Breton's bedroom and the kitchen cabinets...

This year I just do not feel inspired.

Painting party anyone?
You bring the ladder (cathedral ceilings:0)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Is that a monkey in the trees?

No it is not a monkey! It's a Robyn and her two babies Breton and Daphne, doing Tree Trekking at Horseshoe Valley !

There were six courses and we had time to do four out of the six plus The Big Zip.

So proud of my kids.  Breton sped through the courses.  Daphne tackled all the challenges also remembering all the safety guidelines, never asking for help.  At times, I had to take a deep breath, push on, stop looking down because my nine year old daughter is tackling this course no problem.  The last course was VERY high.  And each part spread far between the trees but Daph kept trekking on!!! Amazing!!

Both kids loved it!

Try it you will like it

So I did try it...

Smith Falls Classic 35th Annual Duathlon and Triathlon 

I did the Try A Tri.  200m swim, 21K bike and 2k run.

As I jumped into the churning swirling ... gross water behind the Econolodge (reportedly owned by a biker gang in the past), fighting the current to stay behind the start line, I thought what am I doing?!
And s**t I am the only one without goggles! But I rocked the swim cap!

Then we started!
Swimming over people, getting kicked, swallowing gallons of H2O... Turning around at 100m and swimming backstroke against the current, trying not to puke, to get back to the other side of the river...

Made it! 10 minutes and change 

Onto the bike!
195# pops off
Gotta repin:(
Off I go, passing some and getting passed=motivation!
Sights seen: dead turtle, dead squirrel and crispy frog:)

49 minutes and change!

2k run and everything is tight below the waist but I shuffled through it.
16 minutes and a bit.

Came in first in my age group!!

I was the only one in my age group!!