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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Redo Robyn's Room

So as mentioned before redoing my bedroom is on my list of things to do for my house.  As you can see I have started to pull off the wainscotting panels.  I hope to reuse most of them in the laundry room/mudroom just to make it look nicer.  

The colours I was leaning towards were gray and yellow (a la National Geographics) or coral and gray but now I saw cream with a dark teal and really like it...
I will, no matter what use the chair rail to divide the two chosen colours but I plan to move it up; so it is just placed above the light switch height, 4ft approx?
The ceilings are high so although the bottom colour (gray or dark teal) will be mostly what you see when you initially walk in, the other colours (yellow/coral/cream) will be carried up quite high.

Can anyone say painting party?

Monday, December 30, 2013

Thankful for hockey!!!

So Breton has been participating in the Bell Capital Cup over the past couple of days.  His Competitive B White Raiders are 2-0! With a game in hand this morning...

The last game a reporter came and did this report about his Coach:

This year has been our first (Breton and I) experience with competitive hockey.  It has been a great opportunity.  Breton has enjoyed playing with his teammates (#peter, #connor, #sam etc), we have done a bit of travel (Jay Peak & Buffalo placed 2nd at both:), B has learned skills, time management and a bit about the behind the scenes of a team's dynamics.  He loves playing, that is the bottome line and with this team he has gotten the challenges he has needed, at the same time learning many new skills. 

Oh and he has had lots of FUN!  

Go Raiders Go!


Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I am taking a holiday from my blog, well not really... I will be doing a bunch of posts to be scheduled for the new year.

But nothing new over the holiday season.

Enjoy your Christmas and I know your New Year will be great because we will see each other.  

For B & D: you are my everything and I hope I am doing a good job setting a good example and you are learning from my faux pas:)

For my family:  I love you soooo much

For my friends who are my family:  have a  wonderful time

Merry Christmas

Monday, December 9, 2013

Thankful for our health care system

Grateful to be able to book an appt with MY Dr, get in and see her and get the help I need.

Hope you have a Dr.  If not I recommend the Manotick Medical Centre, we even have our own walk in clinic, no outsiders allowed got to be "a member".  And if you can not get to your Dr for an appt they book you with one of the others in the clinic.  Very convenient.  Oh it is down the road from my work;)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Fav class:)

My favourite class at Goodlife these days is Body Flow/Yoga.  
Stretching my bod-day just feels sooo good!
Oh and the corpse pose at the end...I could fall asleep!!!!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Instead of saving $ on Thrifty Thursday, why not save a life?

Hi Ladies, I was just wondering if you could forward this along to anyone you think would like to donate or has a network to forward it on to.
Thank you in advance,

My father is suffering from end stage liver failure and is in need of a liver transplant. I know that it's a big thing to ask of anyone to donate part of their body. So if you feel like you can't donate can you please pass this message on and maybe we can find someone who can and will save my Dad's life. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to answer them.
Thank you,

John Craig is looking for a living donor to donate part of their Liver.
Basic requirements:
Good overall health and physical condition
Less than 60 years old
Liver size match
Blood type = O
For further information contact John at:
(613) 482-6304
Or call the Living Donor Liver Transplant Office at:
(416) 340-4800 Ext. 6581
Or contact me (Veronika) at

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Les lunettes. 8)

So he started off smiling...

He couldn't even see what he was trying on!  His eyes were dilated but B needs glasses for farsightedness/reading.

Which ones do you like???

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

7am dinner?!?

This is what's for dinner tonight!  And it was ready this morning:). We have a busy night so getting this done this AM is just one less thing I will have to do tonight.

Our day:
6am get up walk Ruby then went to get ground beef for our dinner.  Cashier mentioned it look like weather for zombies!  Oh great!  I guess I would ruin her day if I told her that ZOMBIES ARE NOT REAL!!!

Cooked food, showered, packed lunches, got dressed...maybe in that order?!

7:15am got kids up
7:45am off to wk/school
After work deliver wreath from hockey fundraiser
Get new skates sharpened 
Eat the dinner!
4:30 drop B off at hockey practice
Finish dinner me & D
6:00pm pick B up
6:30pm get B to eye appt and D to Girl Guides not sure how this will happen?! Someone will be late.
B is getting the drops to dilate his pupils cuz he has to get glasses for reading! Photo to follow:)

8:00pm Pick up Daph
9:00pm go to bed after watching The Blacklist (so good)

Monday, December 2, 2013

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Check out

It is a website that let's you browse the latest flyers, find a product(just type in what you are looking for and it will show you where you can get it on sale), create alerts for items and create shopping lists.

I love it for the product find option:)

Enjoy & I hope you save lots!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Dragon Moon

I purchased these this summer at a unique little store in Perth.
2 Gore St E, Perth

They have a $10 rack and that's where I got the tuque and the ombré leggings.  

To be honest, my sister picked the leggings and I laughed at her because I thought they were too weird looking.  Then I tried them on... lOVED THEM!!

Please note: I did pick out another pair of black tie died leggings (very rock n rollish) and when I went to pay for them, the cashier pointed out that one leg was longer then the other?!?!? $10 rack be aware.  Unless you have one leg longer than the other :p

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


So last week I posted pix of upcoming "jobs" well I forgot a really big one:

Painting my bedroom! Not just painting it but removing the wainscoting, patching and raising the chair rail.  Do you see the cathedral ceiling? Lots of painting.


Coral & grey (I know similar to what is there but will go on easily)


Yellow & grey ( a la National Geographics a little white in there somewhere too)


Monday, November 25, 2013


So thankful for the snow this weekend!  Breton was out shovelling as soon as there was enough to shovel. 
I also started to decorate for Christmas, starting with putting out my winter dishes:) yes I have winter dishes.
While putting them out I was just smiling from ear to ear.  They just made me happy!  

So festive and wintery, the blue and white.

Snowflake glasses and my collection of holiday mugs.  I got a few being a teacher:)

Hope your start to Christmas prep is going well.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Ode To The Avocado

I first met you in my guacamole 
And even then I wasn't in love with you
But now
I love you!
In my sushi
In a salad
I mix you with salsa, hummus or with tuna
Then eat you on a cracker.
Wondered if you were a veggie or a fruit
Googled you
You are a fruit
Should have known with the size of your pit
In Mexico they call you an Alligator Pear.
Whatever you are called
I love you

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cheaper is NOT always better!

So this is Thrifty Thursdays and I just have to go on record stating that cheaper is not always better!

I live for a cup of orange pekoe ("regular") tea. Ok maybe three or four cups a day. So in an attempt to save some $ I bought the store's version of regular tea, not my usual Red Rose or Tetley.

Well YUCK!

My evening tea was ruined! It was like drinking medicine.  There was this weird chemical taste.  I even thought that I would be hearing soon that there is a recall on this tea.  It was gross.

So some things I can not go cheap on.
Lesson learned.
Thanx life!

This is me in grade nine!

So I have had this sweater since grade nine!  I love it!  It is kinda militaryish, thick and warm, neutral colour.

I look much cooler in it now then in grade nine:) no way could you pay me to go back to high school!

Bare naked Lady here!  Hope you got the reference! Nakid so fun 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

To do list

Put up Christmas lights
Change furnace filter
Fix this

Fix this (put a new pluggie thing back into the sink). We have lost a few things down there...a lipbalm the whole thing is down there somewhere??!!

Either get the fan AND the light working or just find a new chandelier... With no wires hanging out:)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Thankful for...

My two legs, my two arms with hands at their ends, two eyes, a nose that can smell, organs that seem to work, ears that usually work, mouth that can smile

Thursday, November 14, 2013


Go to to get free samples.  There are a whole bunch you can choose from.  It is a great chance to try the items before you buy them.  I have gotten everything from razors to dishwasher soap.

Afterwards you do get an email with a survey to fill out.  Not really a big deal.  Can be a little lengthy though.  Later they will email you when new samples are available. 

You have to be quick.  Some samples get chosen quickly.  Nonetheless it is fun to get the package in the mail:)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Second Run

So I think I am really fortunate because I have friends who have given me their hand me downs.

Even better they are really good fashionistas so their hand me downs are awesome!! I have gotten compliments on the clothing...just sayin I wear them well:)

This has helped me with my vow not to buy any new clothing.  

Thank you fashionable friends!!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Thank You Jay Peak

IBreton had a hockey tournament at JayPeak  Resort in Vermont, it was fantastic! The boys won silver!

Also thankful for our roomies :), Ruby's babysitters, the Raiders and families, the H2O park, the snow falling on the mountains, the king size bed that the kids and I slept in (secret snuggles in the night is my heaven on Earth), hwy 30, GPS, Rob's directions to the border, Mountain Dick's pizza (gotta giggle at that), my lazy river buddy ( I heart GM), am I thankful Lachute wasn't open?, finding pants for B (he only brought one pair), Trudie, B playing so well

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Another great app!

Here is another app where you can save money off of items you purchase.  It is similar to Checkout 51 and Snap Save


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What I wouldn't do

So this is help yourself Tuesday and I was trying to think of what I wouldn't do by myself...

With YouTube, I can find videos that show you how to do everything.  I have Youtubed how to fix my sinks, change the stringy thing on the weed wacker and  how to dye my hair purple/lavender ( haven't done that one yet:).  So I am not sure if there is anything I wouldn't do???

Maybe car related and electrical.  Like this fan issue:

Lights are on but no fan spinning?!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Thank you for...


I went to one this weekend.  Some of what she said rang true other stuff was...perhaps way off?

I have to admit way back when, a psychic told me the relationship I was in then that we'd be together a long time but not 4ever:( hmmm

She also said I would have three kids.

I had a physical last week and tubal ligation came up...hmmm

Psychic's name was Ginger Ella!:0)

Sunday, November 3, 2013

When I grow up...

Dear Diary

When I grow up I want to be a roadie for Hedley.  Their music is edgy, energetic and fun.  It gets my feet moving, my stress out and a few songs are quite touching (The Sweater Song).  I think if I was a roadie for Hedley we would have lots of adventures.  Probably go get some new tattoos while travelling all across Canada and the world.  They might let me be in a video or two, lip sync back up (cuz I can not sing) or let me pick their outfits for them. 

Because I am older, I could part my wisdom on them.  When their head gets too big for the doorway I could help deflate it.  They could teach me a thing or two also.  Share in their extra curricular activities that they do to relax or even teach me to play an instrument.

So Hedley if you need me email moi!

Friday, November 1, 2013

What am I eating?


My favourites from Halloween are:

Hands down all chocolate then Rockets and then the little caramel cubes:p

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Four eyes?!?

Here are my new glasses!  I technically do not need them for driving but my eyes get tired and I can't even make out the guide on the TV sometimes.

They cost under $15 through Clearly Contacts.

More a fashion accessory than a necessitity:)

Monday, October 28, 2013

Friday, October 18, 2013

Ode to hummus

I love hummus!

Chickpeas blended with tahini, garlic, lemon juice
Dipping veggies, crackers, cheese and even my fingers 
Mixed on hot pasta is oh so delicious
Flavours ranging from roasted red pepper to my favourite pine nuts and extra garlic
So good

Day or night
But never for breakfast

I love hummus

Thursday, October 17, 2013


So I decided to try and save some $$ on my phone bill by switching to Nettalk (  My Dad has been using it here in Canada and when he is in Florida.  Recently, after my sister Aimee moved, she switched.

It isn't perfect.  Sometimes the person sounds like they are in a tunnel or under water, 1-800# sometimes don't work when dialling out, or sometimes incoming calls don't get through... But I use my cell most often.  I wouldn't have a home phone if the kids didn't need it.

It cost about $60 and you can purchase it at Staples.  Aimee used the phone # they gave her.  Brand new house=brand new phone #, made sense.  I did not want a new number.  I chose to pay an extra $30(non refundable) to have my original number ported.  They tell you it can take up to 30 days.  I was told by Rogers that my phone would be canceled once it had been ported by Nettalk.  It took 30 days 

Here's the thing with Nettalk: you can not get a human to actually speak to ( this is my first problem with them).  There is a 1-8?? # online that gets you to a message that gives you either an American phone# or a Canadian #.  I called the number and it tells me to go online and submit a ticket explaining my problem.  I did this at least 5 times!!

The reason I did was because: my number was ported yet when I hooked up the Nettalk anyone calling got dead air.  Then it progressed to me not being able to call out and no one could call in!  Yet then call forwarding to my cell worked, after clicking this option via their website.  My children had no phone to call out on while waiting for me to get home! 
I repeatedly filled out a "ticket" and never got an actual response except one phone call/message( to my cell) stating they would call back in 20 minutes...they never did.  

Some of my messages were definitely verging on crazy lady...but I wanted to get there attention and I wanted them to know how frustrated I was!  
They have lots of help videos online so I accused them of being too busy filming dump videos, that they couldn't email or call me to help.  Come on, one of the videos basically told you what buttons to press in order to check voicemail.  Really a video of a guy that says  "press this number and that number to access voicemail"
Ok I might of said that in my field, working with children, if I gave the service that they were giving me, it would equal injured or dead children! 

So I decided to unplug everything then plugged it all back in...

Guess what?  It is now working?!?!?
Ahhhhhhh was the frustration worth it?  I will probably save up to $400 this year...

PS this past weekend Noelle hooked it up, using their (Nettalk) number and it worked!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

What he's wearing

Isn't he adorable?!  This is B all dressed up for hockey.  He has to wear dress pants and shirt with a tie.  

This hockey thing must be pretty important to him because this is a kid who wouldn't even wear anything with a collar or buttons.  Sorry I should say won't wear them or even jeans.  T shirts and sports pants for him.

Doesn't he look happy?! 

I told him for Christmas all I want is for him to wear this outfit and Daph and I will get all dressed up and go out to dinner.

He agreed.  I can't wait! Just have to decide where.