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Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Favourites

So I do not eat these items on a regular basis but I do not NOT eat them.  For me it is all about balance.  Eliminating anything from my menu only leads to binging.  My favourite junk food is:

Anything chocolate! In particular Reese PB cups, Crunchie chocolate bar, Lindt chocolates, mint chocolate anything. (Something sweet with tea is a must).
Any ice cream that doesn't have fruit
Salt & vinegar chips
Original Doritos
Chocolate cake with French vanilla icing
Cheese cake
Raspberry pie with vanilla ice cream
Cotton candy!!!
Coconut anything except the water! It's gross:(

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Shhh don't tell her!

Last week Noelle was away in Antigua so... I raided her closet.  She was voted Best Dressed in high school so her wardrobe is awesome!  Great style!

Really it was that I missed her.  I visit her and her family at least once a week.  So by wearing her clothes it was like I was visiting her all day long:). That's my story, at least that's the story when Noelle realizes I still have a few of her clothing items!

Thank you to the ladies at work who complimented me on the clothes.  Sadly, they have been returned:(

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Have you ever....?

Have you ever changed your furnace filter?  You yourself not your man or handyman.  It was on my list of to dos but it kinda scared me.

I got some help via texting and exchange of photos.  I am embarrassed to say I hadn't changed it since last March after I'd been shown how to do it...

But I got it done and will not forget to change it every 3 months:)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Random Robyn

So I changed Sundays to Robyn's Randomness from Dear Diary.

Also look to the right and you will see that I am now part of the Yummy Mummy Club!  Very excited.  I have written a few posts for them under the name Robyn Perras but now many more people will have the opportunity to read my daily blogs.

This is my Facebook link:

Here are some random tips:

Wet boots?  Blow dry them.
Daphne's boots kept getting wet so we would put them over the vent or even in the dryer but they still were not getting dry.  The hair dryer worked quickly.

Freeze it:  Whenever I buy the prewashed spinach I always take some and put it in the freezer.  All the leaves freeze individually and then I can grab some whenever I need it, for smoothies, spaghetti sauce, soups.  It is better than the frozen brick of spinach you buy from the freezer section.

What I watching:

We do not have cable so we stream or use Netflix.  This is what I have watched:

Suits (yummy:)
Call the Midwife
The Walking Dead** I put off watching this one, even had to turn off the first episode because it scared me (a wee bit) but then I watched 3 1/2 seasons and I love it!!
The Blacklist
The Goldbergs (hilarious)


Thursday, January 23, 2014


Throw in the blender:
Measurements need not be precise:). I have this a least twice a week for breakie.

A cup of milk
Throw in frozen mix berries
A few tablespoons of any yogurt OR a couple of tbsp of powder milk
A few frozen leaves of spinach (I freeze the spinach I get from the grocery store for salads)
A couple of carrots but then add a capful of vanilla extract ( it will reduce the veggie flavour)

Blend it all until smooth.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I would wear this...

I would wear this if it was on a t-shirt but it is not (yet:)).

I commissioned an infamous graffiti artist from California to come and do this on Breton's bedroom wall.  

Ok really it was my friend Natasha's husband, Ranz.  Who is an awesome, self taught artist (checkout his sketches/tattoos on Pinterest under Ranz DC).  He is from California but is in the process of moving here.

He created and completed this in approx two days (7 hrs)! So fast and so good!  

Ranz had a special assistant, who checked in on him every 10 minutes.

I am so jealous of his natural born talent!

I gave this to Breton as a Christmas present but it was up on his wall, mostly done when he came home on his birthday!! 
Original sketch

Thx Ranz
This tattoo next?
Anatomical heart threaded on the skin tattoo sketch by - Ranz

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bedroom update

So this is what I worked on this weekend, ripping the rest of the paneling off my walls.  And cleaning them.  Kinda gross the amount of dust and uh...spider webs?  So my bed is in the centre of my room and my plan is to patch up the wall behind my bed and paint it soon so I can put my bed back.
The coral and gray combo is out!  Currently leaning heavily towards the dark aquamarine/turquoise and cream but gray and yellow.... Still in the running:)

Uh I think this was suppose to be a spring project?  

Monday, January 20, 2014

I am glad these were in my life:

Extra time with my kids this weekend
The little boy who stopped me at the dog park to ask what my dog's name was
A great dinner with great people
Pix of toys Manon sent me
Free beverages
Nice rd trip with Randa
Getting back to running
Big fluffy snowflakes

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ouch my body:(

One boot off and climbing the ice hill at the Kanata Rec Centre.  That was one of a few runs Daphne had yesterday.  We were just leaving, bringing down our sleds, that weren't needed and she went down on the right side.  Thomas (Breton's friend) and I went down the left side.  We waited and waited.  I went to check on her.  She was on her way but as we walked back to put the sleds in the car, she told me how she negotiated her way down by holding the fence then got her foot stuck in the fence and POP off her boot came.  She then climbed with one sock foot back up to get her boot.  The sock foot actually gave her better traction, she told me.

Although it was very icy and the lights weren't on, we had a blast!  My experience was: getting on a sled, heading down the hill, not knowing if it is smooth or bumpy, I chose bumpy(not on purpose), then spinning down backwards, repeatedly launched over bumps.  I got to the bottom and waited for my hip to stop hurting, then back up again.
Wake up Saturday morning...and I was only a wee bit stiff.  Better than I thought.  This morning we were off to Sky Zone, trampoline park.
If anyone says trampolining is not a workout, they have never tried it. I tried to keep up with a nine year old, an eleven year old and a newly twelve year old.  I knew I was getting tired when I started to trip between trampolines and when I'd rather bounce sitting down.  
I am exhausted!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Birthday Treat

This is what we are eating today because it is Breton's 12th birthday!!!  They are cake mix cookies ( a la Betty Crocker).  And yes that is pure French Vanilla icing in the middle with sprinkles.  We also added mint chocolate chips to the cookies.  So yummy!

Tomorrow, it is homemade ice cream cake.  

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Save a little

I am not going to mention any names but someone gave me a great tip on saving a little $ at a certain farm fresh grocery store.

If you go later, after the dinner rush and the kids are put to bed, you might find some great discount food options.  

Yes I am being a little cagey cuz I don't want all the yummy food and great deals to be pillaged by the time I or my friendly tipster, get there:) but it could be a great option for the next day's lunch or dinner if you are short on time.

I have heard this to be true at other grocery stores (Loblaws) if you want to get their organic meat. 

Good luck and move over if you see me coming!

Monday, January 6, 2014

I broke

So if you recall I said I would not be buying anything clothing wise.  Well I broke down and did buy an outfit for holiday celebrations.

I left it to the last minute.  So I couldn't come to your closet to borrow something. Literally, two hours before my staff party, I was at Act 2 looking for something.

Staff party!  Hat was not part of the original outfit but a great addition!  Pink blouse & vest!!

Christmas Day!  Again hat and glasses not part of original outfit.

I also wore this to Breton's team's hockey party.

No the vest is not real fur.  But I did have people petting me;(

Your vacuum cleans but have you cleaned your vacuum?

Yuck!  This is what was wrapped around my vacuum(the spinning brushy thing).  It was hair (mine), string, ribbon etc.  I had to cut it out with an Exacto knife.  It was gross and I may have gagged a little.

But it did help my vacuum function better!  So check your vacuum's private parts.  They may need some TLC

Life is good

Maybe it is the New Year plus the changes and decisions I have made but I am excited about what this year will bring and thankful for the happier times from last year!  I look forward to what is to come and am so grateful for sooooo many people and "things" in my life.  

Thank you

Sunday, January 5, 2014


I must confess I do not always make my bed. =P unless YOU are coming over.

Another confession: I haven't washed my hair for up to 5 days... Yes I showered!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

PC Plus

So you all know how much I love Shoppers Optimum Points, well now Loblaws/Superstores/Independent stores have their own version.  It is called PC Plus.  You can get an actual card with keychain cards too or you can get the PC Plus App
 With the app your card comes up on your phone and this is what the cashier scans.  Shoppers needs to get on board with this idea (admittedly they have me printing off coupons, this seems so old fashion these days).

With PC, they will send you deals for points based on what you frequently purchase, plus you can earn in store points on top of these.  This lets them quickly add up to $ you can turn around and spend instore.  Another feature of the app, is that it tracks and saves all your visits and purchases.

Hopefully Shoppers will go this way soon because Loblaws now owns them...

Happy 2014!

Happy New Year everyone!!
Hope your year isn't crappy!!
**Ya I know I have used this pic before but it cracks me up.