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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Here are a few of my new favourites:
JOE FRESH SOX – some of them have angora in them or cashmere.  I have a few pair that are knee high length and they are perfect for these cold winter days.  Just love them!!!
Quick recipe: (from Manon): Coconut milk and RED curry paste (2 tbsp) mixed with your choice of meat and veggies stir fry style…HELLO yummy Thai dish! 
This SHOUT OUT goes to the couple who runs the dry cleaners @ the Loblaws in Barrhaven.  They have always been so kind no matter what I needed from fixing my children’s snowpants or finishing the zebra placemats I attempted to make for my sis one ChristmasJ
Do you eat the crusts from your bread? Those end pieces...  We usually do not, so I have been freezing them then feeding them to the ducks (not a good idea) so instead I have been processing them in my food processor for bread crumbs.  Does anyone need some?  I have a lot but good to have on hand.  I also keep them in my freezer and only take them out when needed.
Recipe to use Da Crumbs:
Chicken cubed & cooked
Pasta cooked
1 can of diced tomatoes drained
1 can of cream of somethin’ soup
½ a jar of pesto
Sliced mushrooms and/or celery (optional)
Mix all together in a casserole like dish and then sprinkle top with BREAD CRUMBSJ.  Cook for ½ hr at 350F So good!
Just Sayin’
Breton is playing at Scotiabank Place!  Wanna come? Email me for details.
Tis the season for GASTRO illnesses YUCK!!  We had a bad bad bout a couple of years ago and this is what I learned:  use Gravol suppositories !  If your child takes it orally it usually will come back up but the other way, it goes to work they sleep and then it works its way through their body…works for adults too.
Wanna join the Dodgeball Demons?  I have put together a team for Sunday Feb 26th and we may need a few more players. $20 is the cost and it is for F-U-N!!
Also looking for anyone who would like to do the SPARTAN RACE on June 3rd $50 is the cost.  It is a 5K like no other. Youtube, Ottawa Spartan Race to learn more.  Join me if you DARE!!!! Dare to get dirty that is…

My new background for my computer.  Lovin' winter so far!

Breton & his cuz took in Fanfare as part of the NHL All Star Weekend.

Oh ya one day for sure!

Breton's fav player (no comments about this please:)

Went cross country skiing this weekend and had soooo much fun.  It was beautiful the ladies I was with were beautiful and it brought back memories going skiing with my family.  Sunday mornings at Timm Dr...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Random Robyn

UPDATE:  So Bryna is looking for my shoes.  Thanx to all who emailed her.

Valentine craft I got the idea from OH Happy Day blog. We made necklaces out of them.

Daphne hard at work:)

Ruby and her new toy!

Things that make you go HMMMM :

This new toy of Ruby's was bought at Homesense for $13.  We later saw it at Pet Valu for $21. Hmmmm?


Just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you and that I am glad you were born on this day not so long ago:)  I am so glad I met you back in Gr 7.  You and your family have become a really special part of our family, always.  Enjoy your day. Love ya lots Robyn
Happy Birthday Audrey!  39 is Fine!!!

Happy Belated Birthday to 2 lovely ladies.  Both unique in their own way. Love yas!

Friday, January 13, 2012

What's Up??

UPDATE: Breton got golf clubs for his birthday - that was what was in the box! 
Help me out:  So I have not seen my shoes that I entered into the CIBC Run For The Cure contest.  I emailed in November to find out if they would be going to a local New Balance store and was told that they were on display at the Bata Shoe Museum well I have not heard anything since then??  It is not that i wanna wear them (maybe for Race Day 2012) but I worked hard on them and they are a tribute to my Mom so if you could email and ask politely where they are I would appreciate it.  Ms dilman has been very helpful but perhaps she'll see how important they are too me if more than one person emails her.  Thanx!

Just sign it: Help save Jasper Park:)

So the house that I grew up in is up for sale and I always said that if it did go up for sale that I would buy it...only one problem, anyone have 1/2 million to lend us.
10 Larsen Crt was the best place to grow up!!  I have such wonderful memories growing up there.  If Jeff and I were to have another child (not possible) we would call him/her Larsen in honour of this house.
Check it out: or google 10 larsen crt for sale royal lepage.
It looks very very different from when I lived there (for 23 yrs)!

Thanx for reading my babble!  Have a great weekend and enjoy all this snow!!!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What is it?

Can you guess what Breton is getting for his birthday??

Breton Is 10!!!

Breton turns 10 today!!!
We love you sooooo much Breton and are so proud of all that you do.
10 things you might not know about Breton”
1- He has completed a triathlon
2- He is NOT named after Cape Breton.  His name is my Mom-in-laws’ maiden name
3- His favourite colour is green.
4- He does not like carrots.
5- He would play sports all day if we let him.
6- He is going to learn to ski downhill this week.
7- He likes to watch Billy the Exterminator
8- His middle name William is from his Great Grandfather on his maternal side
9- He has already travelled to Florida, Vermont, New Hampshire and Quebec
10- He knows how to play the drums.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Click it!!

Hey see those ads on the side? Click 'em and I earn $$$.  Even if you are not interested, just click.   I may just treat you to something...

What I did on my Christmas Vacation?

I had 3 turkey dinners.  I even cooked one of the turkeys (well Jeff actually did most of it).  Spent Christmas with Noelle, which I have not done in a long time because she is always travelling.  Celebrated Molly's 1st Christmas with my In laws and Noelle's In Laws. We also Skyped with Dad & Bev while at Noelle's.   Very yummy and fun.  We always had "crackers" at our Christmas dinners growing up so I continue the tradition with Jeff's family and we did at Noelle's with Dixie's new twist of making a chain with everyone and then pulling. (Had to be there!)

The kids got new skates so we finally hit the outdoor rink.  We also went sledding at Bruce Pit and other hills near us.

Saw "Chipwrecked" on New Years Eve.  A few good laughs:)
Jeff's fav part was when he took a 5 minute nap:0)

I spent the first week after Christmas driving around to Breton's 3 games during the Bell Capital Cup.  5:30 wake up, driving in questionable weather, shivering cold and loving every minute of it.  I loved cheering on Breton and his Team.  They won the first game and lost the other 2 but it was F-U-N!  B also participated in the skills competition.  Jeff coached during the tournie and for the AllStar game.  In regular season the team is 12 - 0 and B has scored 12X!
I know one thing I did not do is take enough photos: here are a few:

Christmas Eve, very little snow

MVP of the 1st game


New blog I am following  Some great crafty ideas.  Also still following  They inspire me to create a better blog.  That is something I hope to do this year:)

Read : Sing My Way Home by Jodi Piccolt (think I am done with Jodi for awhile)

Miranda's Vines by Kim Kafka

Left Neglected by Lisa Genova (also wrote Still Alice {awesome})


A Dolphin Tale
She's Out Of My League

This is a link to a photo album one of the dads made from the hockey team.  Many but B is #8 see if you can find him...

Hope you got your New Years card!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

Do you make New Years' resolutions? I do not.  All I wanna do is try new things and have great adventures.

But I have a resolution for YOU - become one of my followers!  I am thinking of not emailing out updates so therefore you need to become a follower (if you prefer the email updates let me know here