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Sunday, August 11, 2013

No Match Made

So as you can see from the info below the title, Robyn's Nest, I have re-focused my blog (scroll up).  So since today is Sunday, it is Dear Diary Day.  We will see how this new schedule goes and may have to tweak it:) I will be creating a new blog for Breton and Daphne, more of a scrapbook style, so they can see photos of our adventures and activities.  I will post links to this new blog occasionally, so you have the option to see our family photos and at times I will use some of the photos in this blog.  Thank you for reading and hopefully sharing with others.

Dear Diary

This week I met with my therapist.  I made the appt after a day where I felt like I was spiraling...

She made me really think about my goals, and on that day I hadn't thought beyond that day.

She pointed out to me how fast I have done everything: getting a lawyer, organizing the mediator, the divorce, establishing MY house, talking to his new girlfriend... She asked me why am I jumping into dating again so fast?  It has been 8mths since the separation, 3mths since the finalization of the divorce.  I have dated but did not know really what I wanted.  With the, I even sabatoged a potential "match".  Too much information too fast.

So for now, I am withdrawing my profile from the website and we will see, slowly, if I meet someone the "old fashion way".


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