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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Niagara souvenirs

The following is what we purchased in Niagara Falls:

I told each of the kids that they had $20 to get souvenirs. Daphne bought the 2 small toys. Breton found his dream store WWE store.  He is big into WWE.  He chose a Triple H t-shirt, which he got complements from the lifeguard at the waterpark.  He was so happy about this shirt that he actually kissed it when he took it off, before going sliding at the H2O park!  Too funny!

 I bought the oven mitts, the coasters, cuz there are polar bears at the Falls in the winter ;p and the underwear! If anyone goes to Niagara, please buy me another pair of these! They are awesome! I tried to find them online by Googling Canada Boxer and but neither got me anywhere.




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