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Monday, February 27, 2012


Jeff is selling his 2007 Cobalt SS. It is metallic Blue.  73000 KM standard, 2.4L comes with winter tires and rims.  Has new brakes and summer tires.  Is certified and e-tested.  Still has powertrain warranty until June. $8495.  Email me if interested.

I will miss this car:(  It was fun to go out  with Jeff, just the two of us. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I apologize for not blogging lately.  It has been puke-ville in our house over the past couple of weeks.  First it was the dog, a bad bad reaction to a vaccine, which led to me syringing can food into her mouth in order to get her to eat.  Then this past weekend the kids were sick.  Came on quick but left just as quick.  I was popping Gravol like it was candy for two days.  I think I am safe??? It has been almost 3 days since we have seen any activity...

Did you know that hand sanitizer does not kill some of the germies that can make you puke?  Only bleach will get it...oh and you can get colour safe bleach now so less risk of staining your clothes.  Just thought you might want to know.
Enjoy your day!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Breton @ Scotiabank Place!

“But Officer, my son is playing at Scotiabank Place for the first time and he forgot his left skate.  I am just trying to get it to him before his game is over!”  This is what I would have told the police officer if I had gotten pulled over this past Saturday.  I would have been pulled over for speeding.  Yes that was me, the dark blue streak going by you on the Queensway and running up your rear end on Eagleson or Terry Fox and Fallowfield.  
As I was waiting with Daphne, my in laws and other family members of other players, Jeff calls me on my cell to inform me that they can only find one skate.  “I’ll call you back in 5 minutes; we’re going to search the change room.”  Even as Jeff hangs up I head to the door to go back to the parking lot and jump in my car.
Rewind, ½ hr before Breton & Jeff leave…Breton shows Daphne and I the new blue laces that his Dad put on his skates.  Very sharp looking.  As Breton packs his hockey bag, for whatever reason, he got distracted and leaves one skate on the couch.  This is where I find it when I finally get home.
Long story short, I raced to get the skate to Breton, who was sitting on the bench.  He went out and got an assist.  His team is the #1 C level team but they lost to the #1 B level team.  Final score 9-2.  No matter what, it is a story and a half we will never forget.  And we got to hear B’s name said out loud in Scotiabank Place: Breton Paris…no Breton Perras (the “s” is silent) They’ll get it right by the time he is there playing for the NHL.
Thank you to all Breton’s fans that came out to watch esp MollyJ thanx for keeping me warm.

What's wrong with these kids?


This goes out to Jeff's cousin Randy who is recovering from a kidney transplant.  Hope you are back to your old self soon.  Wishing you a successful, low pain recovery:)