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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Lululemon lover

Hi my name is Robyn and I am a Lululemon addict.  It has been one month since I last purchased a piece of Lululemon clothing.

It's bad!  I can wear an outfit from head to toe Lulu.  But it is such nice workout wear and it is their fault that they design pieces that can be worn everyday even to work:( 

And this is only some of my Lulu

Despite the CEO resigning (did consider briefly applying for the job) and the see through fabric controversy I still love Lulu.  My addiction is so bad that I have had to spam the weekly emails that they send to me.

To be honest I had gift cards for the last purchase.  So what if I spent more than the gift cards on the two pieces purchased.  I only buy from the "We made too much" section on the website (which to you non Lulu lovers, is the sale section:)  Well OK one piece was from the What's New section so I paid full pop...but I had gift cards!!!

They make it so easy with free shipping.  I rarely actually go into the store.  And I always get a nice reusable bag with every purchase.

But this article made me pause...

One month and no purchases,

I should get a chip or something...

Maybe a Lululemon gift card:)

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