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Saturday, August 3, 2013

A match?

So as you know I signed up with

Well I had my first chat and meeting (date?) from this site.

We each have a code name that we use for the site.  And each day the site gives you matches that you can say yes or no, if you are interested in.  You can also "favourite" a person or you can send a "wink" to someone.  With each of these they encourage you to send a message in order to lead to a "conversation"?  At times when you are online, so is the other person and you can also  IM (instant messaging- didn't even know what this stood for)

Originally he had emailed me and there had been a few emails back and forth, the last being him asking me what I would like to do if we met?  I suggested meet for coffee or meet at the dog park and I will bring the coffee.  I heard nothing back for awhile...which is an easy option right? for online dating.  Change your mind you do not have to respond or do anything....I have done it.

So I sarcastically emailed back after awhile "you would prefer drinks or whatever!"  Well he then messaged, he is cool with either. huh?  I guess sarcasm doesn't translate well over email.

To be honest, the whole time I am thinking the worst, he isn't even going to look like his pic, he will not show up at all, he only wants one thing....oh and when you sign up you give an age range of people you are interested in, his was 23-32yrs.  He is almost 33yrs old.  I do not fall into that age range (remember my blog This is 40:)  I called him on it but he said it did not matter.

So on a Sunday he happened to be on and we messaged back and forth and realized we do not live too far from each other.  So after a few incidents where the IM option timed out and I totally thought he was bailing and called him on it, accusing him of maybe wanting more  (remember I am thinking the worst here, very leery) then awkward moments of me trying to take back what I said, we met at Starbucks.

Let's just say I am glad to have the first "meeting" done and over with.  It was probably an hour if that (had to get home for my kids, who were finally coming home to me) and it was kinda awkward, us roaming the bookstore asking each other: what do you like... what's your favourite...  where do you...?  A couple of times I almost burst out laughing cuz it was so unusual.

I do not know if I will hear back but it was fun, interesting and I took note of maybe things I am really looking for. 

Keep ya posted...maybe;)


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