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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

When you lose your Mom to breast cancer

I was 24 in February 1998, on February 2nd (yes Ground Hog Day) when my Mom lost her battle with breast cancer.

She had battled breast cancer for 11 yrs.  I was in grade 8 when she was first diagnosed.  She was 41 years old.

When I turned 41, I had a bucketlist (Click here bucketlist).  The list was simple but it was created just in case I ended up being diagnosed  like my Mom. I don't live my life based on this list today but I do make choices because of breast cancer.

It is why I workout 
It is why I watch what I eat
It is why i take particular vitamins
It is why I think a lot about what I feed my kids
It is why I use deodorant instead of antiperspirant 
It is why go for a mammogram every year
It is why I walk/run in CIBC's Run For A Cure

So if I ever did get diagnosed I can say I have tried everything and anything to prevent it.

Please support me in my efforts to raise funds for CIBC Run For The Cure.
Donate here

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Me & Breast Cancer

I am participating in the CIBC Run For A Cure again this year.  My sisters and I have had our team Sue's Crew in the Run for over 18 years.  Please sponsor me.  Funds go towards research to find a cure.

Breast cancer did not only take my Mom but also
-it was always the elephant in the room for 11 years.  I was in Gr 8 when she was diagnosed and when she lost her battle I had been graduated from university for 3 years
-took a Christmas spent together away.  Mom had her first surgery over the holiday.
-took a family trip to Florida away
-I turned a job down because it would have taken me away from home
-it gave me trips to the Dr's so I can go for yearly mammograms which I have been doing since I was 35
-took my children's Baba from them
-gave us years of stress and worry and lots of tears

But this doesn't even compare to the moment a woman hears that she has been diagnosed.  I can only imagine the feeling of devastation and despair.

With the funds raised from the run you can help eliminate this moment for millions of women.

If you wish to sponsor me please go to  My page is under Robyn Smith.
I thank you for your donation.


Friday, September 1, 2017

Will I ever run again?

or bike again????

I have not blogged in awhile for a few reasons but a main one is that my back is not good and it is hard to sit for long periods of time.

This is not why my back is bad! This is what I can do when it is in perfect shape

I ended up going back for a visit to Jockvale Massage and Physio.  In particular Duane the Physiotherapist.  After some stretches, acupuncture in my back and bum and some heat on my lower back I am almost back to normal.  I need a strong back for going back to work with my toddlers.  There is a lot of bending down, lifting, carrying and cuddling.  I can't wait to get back to my babies!

This is how my back got messed up:

In November, I put my back out.  I leaned down to tie a skate and by the time I hobbled back to the car I needed help lifting my left leg into the car.  Turning the steering wheel had me riling with pain, mainly on the left side.  As I mentioned before I have had back/hip issues before and gone to Dr. Jeff Lowthian, the magical chiropractor.  This always fixed  me.  To be honest the week before my lower back was very very tight.  Sitting on the floor, bending down to help little people, stress and poor posture didn’t help. I tried yoga, heat and two trips to Dr Jeff.  He told me to not sit but to lie down but that weekend I was Taxi Mom and had to drive a lot. 

When I got home after the painful drive I could barely move.  I remember putting something in the garbage and my back completely seized up again.  I tried not to cry and covered it with crazy laughter because I could see I was scaring the kids.  Paul came over and tried to massage me, which he had to do while I leaned against the wall because I just could not lie down.

Took the Monday off and went and got a massage. I went to Jockvale Massage and Physio. Immediately felt better. Thank you Dawson the masseuse.  Had the day off Tuesday and after being out and about, came home and my lovely Phoenix had gotten into the garbage. It was all over the kitchen.  I went to grab his collar and threw my back out again!!!  I cried out in pain, I was frozen, I could not move.  I eventually got down on the ground and crawled around collecting garbage – priorities!!  I called Jockvale Massage and Physio to see if Dawson could help me again.  I was crying on the phone to Paulette the receptionist.  She told me to come in right away.  She was not sure if Dawson was available but the Physiotherapist might be able to help me.  I finally made it there.  I could not sit down in the waiting area.  I could barely speak.  My back kept spasming and I kept crying.  Paulette gave me wads of Kleenex.  She helped me take off my shoes (which were my beautiful Doc Martens, lots of unlacing)and Duane Brousmiche, the physiotherapist, took me to his therapy room.  He took all my background information then did a few exercises.

Long story short, after a week off of work , several more sessions with Duane, three types of pain relievers (which only numbed the pain but did not fix me), some acupuncture by Duane (which was AMAZING!), lots of rest and wearing a lovely girdle type lumbar support belt,  Duane deduced that it was my L5S disc and sacroiliac joint that were compensating for the upper back tightness/weakness.  The cure=work on building my core muscles.  Some of my exercises were simply squeezing my lower tummy muscles or the two sets of muscles on either side of my spine. 

Duane was awesome!  Like chiropractic I was skeptical but his knowledge of the spine, bones and muscles…I am a convert!

I highly recommend the crew at Jockvale Massage & Physio.

3777 Strandherd Dr #110, Nepean, ON K2J 4B1, Canada

Tell them Cry Baby says HI (that’s the nickname I received after my initial visit…said with love of course).
As for running again, I am scared.  The repetitive nature of running kinda got me into the excruciating painful experience so we shall see...


Sunday, August 27, 2017


If you are trying to squeeze out the last few days of summer vacation, we recommend these:
On Wednesday evening Breton, Daphne and I took in Kontinuum .  It is almost done so if you have not had a chance to go it  is something interesting to do while wandering around downtown.  We pre-booked our FREE tickets and when we went it was not busy at all (around 4:45pm).  Don't forget to smile when they scan you:)

We then walked down Sparks St and took the bridge over to MOSAICANADA in Jacques Cartier Parc.
And it was all free...even the parking:)


Breton is starving in this pic. We went over the dinner hour and hadn't planned to be gone so long.  Poor man-boy:(
It was amazing the sculptures they made incorporating all the different kinds of plants.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Breton @ Scotiabank Place!

For all the hockey Mom's warming up for the new hockey season, i hope this doesn't happen to you:

“But Officer, my son is playing at Scotiabank Place for the first time and he forgot his left skate.  I am just trying to get it to him before his game is over!”  This is what I would have told the police officer if I had gotten pulled over this past Saturday.  I would have been pulled over for speeding.  Yes that was me, the dark blue streak going by you on the Queensway and running up your rear end on Eagleson or Terry Fox and Fallowfield.  
As I was waiting with Daphne, my in laws and other family members of other players, Jeff calls me on my cell to inform me that they can only find one skate.  “I’ll call you back in 5 minutes; we’re going to search the change room.”  Even as Jeff hangs up I head to the door to go back to the parking lot and jump in my car.
Rewind, ½ hr before Breton & Jeff leave…Breton shows Daphne and I the new blue laces that his Dad put on his skates.  Very sharp looking.  As Breton packs his hockey bag, for whatever reason, he got distracted and leaves one skate on the couch.  This is where I find it when I finally get home.
Long story short, I raced to get the skate to Breton, who was sitting on the bench.  He went out and got an assist.  His team is the #1 C level team but they lost to the #1 B level team.  Final score 9-2.  No matter what, it is a story and a half we will never forget.  And we got to hear B’s name said out loud in Scotiabank Place: Breton Paris…no Breton Perras (the “s” is silent) They’ll get it right by the time he is there playing for the NHL.
Thank you to all Breton’s fans that came out to watch esp MollyJ thanx for keeping me warm.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Daphne"s Camp

For 4 years Daphne has participated in a camp at the Agricultural Museum. This year Daphne got her own calf to care for, as the main focus of her camp.

This is Goober, Daphne's calf.

She also got to stay late one day and help with the milking.

We highly recommend the camps at the Agricultural Museum.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Team G comes for a visit

 Well not all of Team G, (Team Georganas) came to the cottage but Molly & Stella did.

 We swam, we tubed, we toured the lake, we roasted marshmallows,
Paulie setting out a swimming challenge

and we kayaked.