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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Favourite Tools

So I was left with a pair of pliers and a flat head screwdriver.  Nonetheless I needed more tools.  A HUGE thank you to Sean.  When he heard this he immediately went into his garage and gave me several tools.  Including an awesome screwdriver that holds different bits in the handle and you can switch the head based on what you need to do.  Sorry I do not know all the technical terms but see the photos.  Ok Sean you can stop laughing...I have yet to call anything a do-hickey or a thing-a-bob:)

I recently was given a hammer by my brother-in-law Jay after I tried hammering a finishing nail with a rubber mallet.  This does not work.  The nail punctures the mallet.  Yes some of us need to learn by doing.  I have also borrowed tools like my brother-in-law Tim's sander.  LOVE IT!!!  It helped me get my cupboard project started quickly and has also helped me get going on an art piece.  I may return it soon;)

But my absolute favourite tool that I borrowed from my Dad is:  a cordless drill!  I used it to take my cupboards down, install a reel for my hose, put up a new blind in Daphne's room.  I don't know if he will ever get it back!

Next tool I would like to get is a socket set.  Oh and a toolbox for the tools.  I actually do have a box that holds my tools...see photo:)

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