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Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Gifts

Christmas gift to myself: gotta a mammogram! 

Better gift to our family...
Our newest member:
Atticus Cain Georganas

He's wishing you PEACE & Happiness this holiday season!

Congrats Noelle, Jay, big sistas Molly and Stella and fur bro Stewart!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Dr, Doctor or just kick ass Docs?

It's Wednesday! what am I wearing?

So I finally bought myself a pair of Doc Martens.  As a back to school gift to myself I bought these ones that were on sale @ Wasn't sure about the floral design and the comfort level. Thought they would be stiff and cause blisters but they are light and awesome!
I have wanted a pair since high school and now I finally got them!!!
They're what I am wearing!
Thinking of getting Daphne a matching pair:)

Monday, October 19, 2015

Thankful for:

My kids and their accomplishments-so proud
Happy 11th Birthday Daphne!!! I am soooo proud of you. You are a confident, fearless girl who is beautiful inside and out!!!!

This guy:

And all he does for me and B&D

Fall leaves
Picnic lunches
Good hockey
Great people I work with
A warm bed

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

This guy:

Yes I ran the Sears Great Canadian Run on September 12th as a member of Team YMCRuns. I had the BEST support from this guy:

Mr Paul Grant!!!!

He said yes to coming, he booked the hotel, printed every leg of the race off, he also printed all the maps needed to get to Collingwood, after dropping the dogs off at my Dad's in which he met my Dad and Bev for the first time, he bought all the food for our adventure... Then on Race Day he got me to my Exchange Point #8 to start, then drove the car to my end Exchange Point#9. He was planning to run back to me (10k) from Exchange Point #9 to #8 but luckily he got a ride from Teammate Erin's hubby.  He would have run 20km if he had ran back to me. He ran by my side, he ran behind me and in front off me. He took pictures of me every 1/2 KM.  He listened to me whine when I said I couldn't do it. He carried two of my shirts, my phone, my jacket, my water, as he said "I am your mule." With a big smile on his face.

He understood when I snapped at him to go on without me "Because I need to run alone!"

He was there at the finish. Got me an apple, water and continued to snap pictures.

This guy:
Is the BEST!!! 
That's why I love him!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

This is happening here!

Wanna run a 100k relay? Ok you do not have to run the whole thing but be a part of a team that works together to complete the 100k.

On October 3rd Sears Great Canadian Run is happening from Ottawa to Montebello.  Funds raised go towards CHEO and to #EndKidsCancer.

Check it out:

I had so much fun when I did it as a member of #YMCRuns.

Oh and after your run you can go to Parc Omega!  My happiest place on Earth!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sears Great Canadian Run Wrap Up

It has been over a week since I traveled 6 hrs to run for #YMCRuns in support of #EndKidsCancer and Sick Kids Hospital.
Here is a photo journal:
Up and ready to go!

Much of the team had never met each other so it was suggested to print off a sign with the above info. I didn't have access to a printer so we made our own. Thx Georgian Manor for the paper and markers. 
Georgian Manor prettiness!


My little helper:) I needed it

Paul dropped me off at my exchange point, I was alone, then two men in a van showed up...I contemplated what to do in here!

I eventually came out of the porta potty.

We had a bit of time to kill so we tried taking a jump shot. We never got it timed right:(

My Team ROCKS!
Then I started my run...

And I ran. Well by this hill I was walking...

But what goes up must come down:)
Hand off to Candace. Thank God she ran to meet me. I was spent.

All done!!! Woohoo!!!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

I run

I am not the fastest runner nor the strongest but I do run and I do finish.
I have been on the ground at 19K in a 1/2 marathon and had a fireman massaging my calves. Mmmmm marathon memories.
I have cried at the end of three out of the four 1/2 marathons I have run. One because I did it, one because I took too long and the last time a combination of the two.
During one 1/2 marathon, I didn't get the goop on the end of the tongue depressor... I thought it might be the gel you take to give you an energy blast...luckily I did not grab a stick and eat it. It was Vaseline! To put on parts that were chaffing!
I usually feel like I am going to barf after sipping a little H2O or Gatorade at the water stations but then I burp and I am fine.  I have never barfed from running and never plan to!
I have also never suffered mid race diarrhea! Just sometimes need a mid race pee but refuse to pee myself in order to keep racing!
Running with music makes me run faster.
I also always get a blister at the top of my Princess toe on my right foot and usually only there.
The "high" I get after running lets me get sh*t done! And keeps me sane. Running is my medicine.
Pretty running clothes gets me excited about running.
My runners cost more than my weeks groceries:(
I run so I can eat...everything!
The crowds are what keep me going.
I run for my health, to show my kids that it can be done and because I can.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Farewell Lulu Hello Wally

So as I have blogged before I love my Lululemon clothing.  As particular races have filthified my clothes(Badass Dash, Run Or Dye,Spartan), who wants to crawl in the mud and ruin your Lulus and my budget limits bans Lulu purchases, I have tried to find other sports/clothing lines to buy.

My new favourite is Walmart!

I purchased a pair of black Capri leggings years ago from them, ran my first half in them and wore them until the crotch started to split. Seriously I think I had them for 10 years. I even bought the full length legging to run in on colder days. 
The leggings!

My purple running shorts I bought for Spartan, thinking if they get ruined it won't matter because Walmart sportswear does not cost that much, under $20 each for the items already mentioned. My purple shorts have gotten me several compliments and got me through my first triathlon.  
The purple shorts! At my second triathlon:)

My most recent purchase has been a black pair of biking shorts, bought for the Badass Dash. Get them dirty, get them ruined I paid so little for them it won't matter. But guess what they made it through the race and I can still wear 'em!
The shorts! Wearing them after the race!

So for now on if I need clothing to sweat in, get dirty in, Walmart will be my go to place. The convience alone makes purchasing quickly, so simple. There's Walmarts everywhere!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Gonna hook you with this!!!!

Thank you to everyone who has donated to my Easter Seals fundraising.  I tell my kids I am 1/2 Canadian 1/2 Crazy and all this fundraising is allowing me to take part in another exciting adventure: rappelling down a 20 story building at 280 Slater Street on September 21st.

Here is a link to a video as to what funds raised by Easter Seals helps with:

To further raise funds for #eastersealsontario, I am selling hooks made from branches.  They are rustic looking, approximately 5-7 inches long, they come with screws and plugs to hang and are $5.00 each.  I can even mail them to you!!! For free!!!  All funds will go directly to my fundraising.
Very easy to put up!

For your accessories!

Your towels

Got medals?

Email me
Message me on Facebook or text me if you have my number:)

Thank you for your support!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Humbling Race for an Unimaginable Experience

I have worked with preschool children for 20+ years. In all those years not one of those children had to battle cancer.   But it is a reality for many families. 
I have been given the privilege of participating on Team #YMCRun in Sears Great Canadian Run @grtcdnrun. We are doing a 100km relay run from  Toronto to Blue Mountain, on September 12th.  This relay run is in support of ending kids cancers, #EndKidsCancer.  
Please check it out and lend your support. Team YMC Run's goal is $10 000
Click here to donate and see our Team page:

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Slow and steady

So my Wonder Woman vibes and all the goodness that Easter Seals does has brought some support my way for the Drop Zone campaign!

Thank you to 

Tim Webb
Audrey & Sean Leclaire
Manon Forgues & Martin Dubois
Graham, Adriana and Katheriene Woolner Falsetto
Aimee Smith
Layla Mackay
Isaac Mackay
Tim Mackay

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Drivin' for your dollar!

Ok I have been in vacation mode and have had one awesome summer but I have put off collecting YOUR dollar for my Easter Seals Drop Zone fundraising
So I have decided that if you message me, (via Facebook or I will come and collect your $1! You do not even have to be home, leave it in your mailbox! I will go collecting this coming Monday!  
You can also do an e-transfer or go to the first link listed above and donate:)

Thank yous go out to the following:

Molly G
Stella G
Their new baby bro (coming in December)
Paul Grant
Emma Grant
Liam Grant
Bob Grant
Carolin Grant
Jenr (she donated an American dollar)!

I thank you in advance for your donation to Easter Seals, a great cause!
And thanks for helping this adrenaline junkie get her fix...again!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Dollar dollar dollar

So I have signed up for the Easter Seals and I need to collect $1500 in order to do it. So I have decided to collect $1 from 1500 people! Actually it will only be $1450 that I need to collect (thx Dad & Bev). I plan to keep a list of each of the 1450 people who donate. Do I know 1450 people? Maybe not but together we do!
If you would like to donate your dollar please message me bretondaphne@gmail and we will figure it out. And no worries if you wish to donate more...I will not stop you.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

He is so not a Gongshow!

So Breton's favourite clothing line is Gongshow! We usually get it at Play It Again Sports. It is a local company, all about hockey! @gongshowgear
Where they are in Ottawa:,-75.7451908&sspn=0.0002136,0.0004055&q=www.gongshowgear.

He mainly has hats.

This is his collection:

I even joked with his teacher Mr.Rose that he would work and get paid in Gongshow Gear!

He has worn the black/red/white baseball cap and the blue/white/black one so much in a year that the straps at the back have broke:( 
Could be Breton's big puff of hair that caused them to bust!

I am campaigning for them to make women's briefs a la men's tightie whities but in cool colours (purple plz!)

My favourite shirt of theirs is "Son Of A Beauty!"

....cuz Breton is!!!! Hahaha;)


WARNING: This might be hard to read.  Everything is OK now.

Hindsight is 20/20.  I know this now but when you are living it, pride, lack of knowledge and denial can get in the way.

I have become an emotional person since having my first child.  Thank you hormones.  Crying as I told my friend we were expecting, to the point she asked if I wanted to be pregnant?  Of course I did,  it was just thinking about the huge responsibility of raising a new human of my own... WOW!  I cried at TV commercials, during my baby showers and during the ride home from the hospital.  

"I am ok." I sobbed from the backseat as Breton's Dad drove us home for the first time.  I cried as the first visitors came to see him.

Wikipedia :

Postpartum depression (PPD)Symptoms include sadness, fatigue, changes in sleeping and eating patterns, reduced libido, crying episodes, anxiety, and irritability. Although a number of risk factors have been identified, the causes of PPD are not well understood. Many women recover with a treatment consisting of a support group or counseling.
My crying was later saved to the privacy of my own home.  
I can remember being depressed about my lack of weight loss.  I wouldn't eat anything but mints and drink tea all day, then eat dinner when Breton's Dad got home.  He didn't know.  But he did know I cried about it.  He saw me cry a lot. 
I irritated easily, I wasn't happy.  I loved Breton, never did I question that or neglect him. It came in waves to.  Good days and then sad days.  I worried about money and the future.  My unhappiness, my inability to express what was going on lead to frustrating fights.  Our frustration and fights lead to a hole in our bedroom door, me launching a chair to the floor...
I remember spending a lot of time soaking in a hot bath...relaxing?  During my soak I thought of just going under and staying under.  But I wouldn't leave my new son without a mom.  Living without my Mom since I was 24 was hard, how could I do that to my son on purpose?
I survived, obviously.  Never did I seek help because at the time i didn't know any better.  Looking back I realized it and upon becoming pregnant with my daughter I was prepared to ask for help if I saw the signs.  I never did.  
Hindsight is 20/20

Your what is pierced?

So I have dated.  Plenty Of Fish has helped with that.  I have dated a fireman, someone who didn't match his profile pic, boys who are the same age, a man who had the same name as me(!?), one who was six years younger, a guy who alluded his penis was pierced, some have been five plus years older and some never even made it to an actual date, just texting. One first date lasted 45 minutes. The longest lasted 12 hours.  I have tried to date local, Kanata being the furthest but I did see one from Kingston.  Oh and the texting relationship, gone bad, was with a teacher from Brockville.  Staying local means I have dated a few Dads from Barrhaven.  Barrhaven is NOT big.
I admit some did not end well.   Many were at a time when I was hoping for more and have made some mistakes from the past, ignoring red flags.  Recently I listened to my gut(she is so smart) and called the dating done after two weeks.  Still a disappointment.  There is a reason the relationship gets going and leads to a second and then another. We did have much in common, yet not enough to keep it going.  Best advice I got from a boy, "Slow down".  Yet we aren't 20ish and after the crap I have been through I now know what I want.
Then the flip side...
I have dated a couple of men who look great on paper but if I am not attracted to them... I can't make anything happen.  It put me in the other position... 
A few have remained friends.

I have perfected the first date.  It is like an interview. Ask them a bunch of questions. They sure do like to talk about themselves:). 
Online dating has been a surreal experience.  Very very different from the last time I dated.  
I can recall months before getting divorced watching an eHarmony commercial thinking I couldn't even imagine dating at my age.  Fast forward six months and I am writing my profile for!
Online dating is very catalogue like.  Scroll through your "matches", wink, smile or wave at one of them and maybe they will do the same back.  Or you can message them asking questions based on their profile. You can choose to message many or just a few.  Message a bit via the website and then it usually moves to texting and then perhaps a date.
I am guilty, at times, of reciting the next dates name over and over before getting to the coffee shop or restaurant.  Not good if you call him the wrong name!  Ya there have been a few dates. 
Also there is the experience of dating someone and you go back on your dating website and you can see they are online too.  Still looking? I have learned to multi  task  in this area of my life too.

Obviously, none have "matured" into anything more then a month of dating.  I am currently frustrated and taking a break from the online dating world...but not done with dating!
My next profile pics?!?!

Monday, July 20, 2015

My Favourite Place On Earth

Besides my house... Today we visited my favourite place on Earth.  For some people that may be Disneyworld but for me it is:


It is in Montebello Quebec and takes about an hour and 20 minutes from Ottawa to get there.  Now HWY 50 Est/east goes all the way there (last time I went you had to go through a bunch of small towns including Thurso hometown of Guy Lafleur and a stinky paper mill).

I bought a Groupon for $13 for each of us. Normally it would have been $23 for me.  The Groupon is good until March and was most likely put out to attract winter visitors.  We lucked out with this spring like weather so it didn't matter that we had to have the windows open for most of the drive through.  Keep that in mind if you do purchase the Groupon.

You drive through and the animals come right up to your car!  Some animals like the moose, black bear and Arctic Wolves are fenced in but there are plenty of animals to come up to your car.
Don't forget your carrots!  That is what you feed the animals.  

There are several types of deer, boar and bison that come right up.

He was blowing and whispering sweet nothings in my ear:)

There are also a few trails you can walk on and the whitetail deer will come up and eat right out of your hand.

This walk lead to a lovely discussion about deer poop and the consistency of the poop and also how the deer were feeling when they were pooping!

The newest feature at the parc is lodging!!  Yes you can sleepover at the parc!!!! Checkout their website to see the unique cabins/tent/yurts you can stay in!

Maybe this spring? For my birthday...

My happiest place on Earth:)