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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Deedo's Sweater

This is my Deedo's (we spelled it that way but I think the proper way is Dido Ukrainian for Grandfather)sweater.
My Deedo was my Mom's Dad.
What I remember about him is doing puzzles with him, playing cards, him babysitting us on his own when my parents traveled, him sitting in the dark when he visited listening to the Leaf's hockey game on the radio, him smoking(he smoked since he was 12 yrs old), he got me tickets to a Maple Leaf's game, my first NHL game at Maple Leaf Gardens...
This sweater he wore when he was in a home after having a stroke.  It even had a name tag in it: W. Hearst I plan to frame it.

William Hearst.  I can't remember what his middle name was but Breton's middle name is William ;)
My name is Robyn K Smith.  My Deedo loved horse racing.  There was a jockey named Robyn K Smith.  She was Fred Astaire's wife. I have been told this is where my name came from.  My "K" stands for Kelly. Hers was for Katherine.

My Deedo's birthday is this month I think January 28th.
I have great memories of him and I love wearing his sweater. It is missing buttons, has holes in the pockets and armpits but when I wear it, it is like a warm
Hug...from him:)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

My favourite man-boy

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my favourite guy in the whole world:

He is 13 today!!!!

Breton I love you sooooooo much!!

You are the best! I am so proud of you!!!

Monday, January 5, 2015


Today I am thankful for: 

Extra time with my kids
The snow
Snuggle buddies 
New cozy socks
Roots jogging pants

Sunday, January 4, 2015

No scoring and everyone gets a medal!

So we have all heard it these days that soccer teams aren't keeping score and at different sporting activities everyone gets a medal or ribbon. 

Well Breton was named Captain of his hockey team this year but he wasn't given the "C" for his jersey...

I would like him to have it (1) because I am a proud Mama  (2) there is a sense of pride in wearing that C.  He was given it because he displays the skills and he demonstrates the self control, along with his quiet leadership.

It is true I have noticed other rec teams that have no obvious Captain or Assistants but I think there should be.  Introduce it at the beginning of the season, make it clear that it CAN be taken away due to showboating or lack of leadership (aka being a hot head or bully).

In Breton's situation, he is a quiet guy but having the opportunity to wear the C would give him outwardly pride and confidence.

To be honest, his father and I have stayed away from the politics of the hockey world so far.  We let our son's skills and abilities show his value to the team.

FYI hat trick at the last game!!!

This was posted by the Yummy Mummy Club and it sums up to me how I have raised my children to behave when playing sports.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

The incident Breton & Daphne and I will never speak of again!

So I blogged last weekend about our adventure to Parc Omega,

 but there was an incident when we arrived…

Let’s just say we went home with one less water bottle.  It is in the garbage at Parc Omega.

Everyday I have a tea.  That day I had two teas prior to leaving.

Can you guess where this is going?  Those of you who know me well probably already knowJ

Word of warning about the new HWY 50, the closer you get to the Parc Omega exit there are less places to pick up snax, stretch your legs or to pee.

I had to pee.

I had to pee badly!!!

I thought I could hold it until we got the Parc.

We turned the corner to go into the Parc and there was a LINE UP!!! Curse Groupon and there deals and the mild weather!

I was dying!!

I have had many experiences where I have had to pee badly while travelling but I have always made it to a washroom or at least a building I could go behind…ok and there once was a run into the cornfield.   Anyways this time I saw nowhere to go!

So I peed in the water bottle!!!!! 

My children and I have agreed not to talk about it ever again.  Well that is what I remind them of each time they bring it up.  I honestly thought I had scarred them for life, as I looked back at Daphne in the backseat as her eyes are covered because she can’t believe I am doing what I did.

But I am happy to say B & D are fine and I believe that our great time at the Parc outweighed my full bladder issues.

That is the power of the Parc!!!

I heart Parc Omega!

Friday, January 2, 2015

In 2015 you will:

This year you will:

Be more creative
careless what others think
do what makes you happy
have more adventures
spend less $ save more of it
laugh a whole lot
read more
sleep better
never drink a green tea latte again! yuck!
continue to deal with YOU, continuing to be incredible and improving each day
be Ok with being alone
learn more
get good grades:)
focus on fitness: try new things having fun
hug more
maybe stop eating in bed...
continue to be honest

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year Everyone!!

I used this pic one year for New Years cards that I sent out instead of Christmas cards.


Wishing you all the same this year:)