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Monday, June 24, 2013

Adventures in antiquing...

So this past Saturday,  Michelle picked me up and we went looking for stuff for my house. 

On the list was:

dining chairs
coffee table
a chair
end table

This is what we found:

Partner in crime and the knowledgeable one.  By no means an antique herself. 40 and fine;)

Yes that is a birdcage!

A Maddie chair!!  I have been sitting in it ever since it came home.

End table, use to hold records!

Coffee table/foot rest.  Is actually a fireplace mantle.

Bookshelf: actually going to store board games.

What everyone needs to hang their hockey jerseys on

I am such a knob (the pic is the wrong way:) Old doorknobs as hooks


Aimee Smith said...

Looking good now Layla and I have the bug to go..... We will have to make date

Michelle said...

We also found poutine... a "must" for any antiquing expedition. It was so much fun!

Noelle said...

Looks like you found some real treasures! Love the knobs and the coffee table the best!

Anonymous said...

Totally Awesome! I LOVE the chair! Sorry I missed such a great day! Can we make another plan to go when I can tag along?