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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Check it out!

So this summer I discovered a new app. The app is called Checkout 51.  It is free. The idea behind the app is that each week they give you a list of items that you can save on.  Anywhere from $1 up to $5! You go purchase the item and then you upload (take a picture through the app) of your receipt, then Checkout will email you telling you if your receipt has been approved.  If it has (mine all have been) then they keep a tally of how much you save.  When you get to $20 you can request your cheque.  I am up to $26 and am planning to keep going and then around Christmas I will request my cheque.  Every little bit helps right?

Another great thing you can do is upload your receipt (for groceries) if it is over $60 and you are entered into a weekly draw to win $500.  I haven't won this one yet but it doesn't hurt to try.  Yes it is a way for them to track you and what you buy but it doesn't bother me:)

In addition I have even doubled my savings by either purchasing the listed Checkout 51 items on sale and/or used a coupon.  Some of the items I have gotten for less than $1!

Saving can be such a rush!

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