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Monday, June 23, 2014

Thanx, thank you, merci

Haven't blogged much, a lot going on and want to work on some really good pieces; but no matter what is going on in my life there is always something to be grateful for:)

Got the kids for an extra day and we did Run or Dye with V, Natasha and Jace!!
Lots of fun and lots of dye!!!

Road trips with Ruby!!! 

Monday, June 16, 2014

I am thankful:)

Today I am grateful for:

A very fun filled weekend with B&D 

Great bike rides

Marvellous weather

Good sleeps

My ability to juggle

Of course my Dad !!!

My pink pretty peonies

Good flicks

Friday, June 13, 2014

My new favourite snack!

Peanut butter and chocolate pudding!  A big scoop of PB then dip it in the pudding.  Slide off the pudding, leaving PB still on the spoon.  Keep doing it until all the PB is gone!
Had it for breakfast the other day!!!

Aug I believe you told me about this one long ago but I thought it too weird.  All in for weird now!! So yummy!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Long toes means perfect for...

A toe ring!!

Yes those are my toes not my fingers!  But because they are longish... I can wear rings on my toes:). Actually just one ring.  This one I have had for almost twenty years!  
It does make running harder (numb toes) and it slides off during swimming but God  gave me long toes so I might as well decorate them.
Yes I know I need a pedi!  It's happening Thursday... What colour? Hmmm

Monday, June 9, 2014

Thank you thank you thank you

Full of thanks for:

Great weather

A weekend of relaxation

Rides on the race/road bike to BC for Thai food with Manon, oh and padded bike shorts

Lunch dates and unexpected visits

Tea time with a great friend

Good "reminder" conversations with my gazebo gal:)

Mysterious Blasts from the past?!?

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Sorry I can't hear you my ears are blocked cuz I've been...


Just checked something off my bucketlist.

Last Saturday I cashed in my preseason skydiving voucher from Go Skydive in Gatineau.

Again I have to thank Natasha and Ranz and company for coming out and hanging with my kids.  Also T for keeping B company too.

I was nervous at home prior to going but not getting in the skydive onsie, nor when Stefan was going over my instructions or during the ascent up in the airplane.

When we jumped out...@12500ft

Eyes closed I thought what am I doing!!!  Free falling, arms stretched out like a bird, could barely breath cuz we were falling so fast..."Open your eyes! You have to experience this and remember this!" I thought.

So I did.

At 5000ft, Stefan opened the chute.  We did a 360, he let me turn to the left and then the right. Didn't care for that.  It was a roller coaster feeling, stomach dropped.  

But then we just floated down.  It was sooo peaceful.  I could have fallen asleep.

It was all over, from plane to ground, in about 3 minutes?

Would I do it again?
Because as I was free falling and gliding my ears popped immensely, almost occupied all my focus.  When I landed I couldn't hear anything.  It has been a week, some doses of cold medicine, and a trip to the Dr's to unblock 'em.
I had a cold the week prior so I think that was the prob.
Still slightly blocked but will live:)

Next on the bucketlist...?????

Monday, June 2, 2014

This chickita is thankful for...

For B&D for waiting for their Mom while she got something checked off her Bucket List

Natasha, Ranz, Amber and Jace for coming and hanging with my kids while I skydived and then for the rest of the day fishing

Sunday, June 1, 2014


So when you show up for your third half marathon and someone is wearing the same running skort as you, what do you do?

Run faster than her!!!

Ok so I didn't beat my time from last year but I had so much FUN!!
I love the route, I love the crowds cheering me on, i love that my body did not cramp up on me.  I really didn't even mind that at the first few H2O stations they'd run out of cups and we either had to cup our hands and hope that it would be enough water or we all just drank out of the same large blue water bottles. Yummy!  

I love race weekend!!

While racing even caught up to a student's mom and now we share a racing memory together.

I have to thank Mirka my original racing buddy who drove me to the race, stayed to cheer me on with her baby Natalia and then waited for me to give me a ride home. Thanx Mirka!

And for my surprise fan who jumped out of the crowd and even ran with me a bit! Love surprises! Thank you Kathy!

I didn't even cry this time when I crossed the finish line !

I felt pretty damn powerful though! 

Ya I ph*ckin run 1/2 marathons!!!

My body hurt a lot afterwards, for days even and I know my left hip joint has some issues(drama queen), and every time I say this will be my last 1/2...I am pretty sure I agreed to run this race next year!!