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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Farewell Lulu Hello Wally

So as I have blogged before I love my Lululemon clothing.  As particular races have filthified my clothes(Badass Dash, Run Or Dye,Spartan), who wants to crawl in the mud and ruin your Lulus and my budget limits bans Lulu purchases, I have tried to find other sports/clothing lines to buy.

My new favourite is Walmart!

I purchased a pair of black Capri leggings years ago from them, ran my first half in them and wore them until the crotch started to split. Seriously I think I had them for 10 years. I even bought the full length legging to run in on colder days. 
The leggings!

My purple running shorts I bought for Spartan, thinking if they get ruined it won't matter because Walmart sportswear does not cost that much, under $20 each for the items already mentioned. My purple shorts have gotten me several compliments and got me through my first triathlon.  
The purple shorts! At my second triathlon:)

My most recent purchase has been a black pair of biking shorts, bought for the Badass Dash. Get them dirty, get them ruined I paid so little for them it won't matter. But guess what they made it through the race and I can still wear 'em!
The shorts! Wearing them after the race!

So for now on if I need clothing to sweat in, get dirty in, Walmart will be my go to place. The convience alone makes purchasing quickly, so simple. There's Walmarts everywhere!

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