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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sears Great Canadian Run Wrap Up

It has been over a week since I traveled 6 hrs to run for #YMCRuns in support of #EndKidsCancer and Sick Kids Hospital.
Here is a photo journal:
Up and ready to go!

Much of the team had never met each other so it was suggested to print off a sign with the above info. I didn't have access to a printer so we made our own. Thx Georgian Manor for the paper and markers. 
Georgian Manor prettiness!


My little helper:) I needed it

Paul dropped me off at my exchange point, I was alone, then two men in a van showed up...I contemplated what to do in here!

I eventually came out of the porta potty.

We had a bit of time to kill so we tried taking a jump shot. We never got it timed right:(

My Team ROCKS!
Then I started my run...

And I ran. Well by this hill I was walking...

But what goes up must come down:)
Hand off to Candace. Thank God she ran to meet me. I was spent.

All done!!! Woohoo!!!

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Candace said...

Awesome!! So glad you joined us Robyn. Maybe next year we'll have some time to spend together.