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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

This guy:

Yes I ran the Sears Great Canadian Run on September 12th as a member of Team YMCRuns. I had the BEST support from this guy:

Mr Paul Grant!!!!

He said yes to coming, he booked the hotel, printed every leg of the race off, he also printed all the maps needed to get to Collingwood, after dropping the dogs off at my Dad's in which he met my Dad and Bev for the first time, he bought all the food for our adventure... Then on Race Day he got me to my Exchange Point #8 to start, then drove the car to my end Exchange Point#9. He was planning to run back to me (10k) from Exchange Point #9 to #8 but luckily he got a ride from Teammate Erin's hubby.  He would have run 20km if he had ran back to me. He ran by my side, he ran behind me and in front off me. He took pictures of me every 1/2 KM.  He listened to me whine when I said I couldn't do it. He carried two of my shirts, my phone, my jacket, my water, as he said "I am your mule." With a big smile on his face.

He understood when I snapped at him to go on without me "Because I need to run alone!"

He was there at the finish. Got me an apple, water and continued to snap pictures.

This guy:
Is the BEST!!! 
That's why I love him!!!

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Anonymous said...

This was our first adventure together Beautiful, it was one of the best adventure I have ever had, I wouldn't change a thing. There will be many more and for each of them, I will happily be your mule.

I love you

"This Guy"