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Monday, July 20, 2015

My Favourite Place On Earth

Besides my house... Today we visited my favourite place on Earth.  For some people that may be Disneyworld but for me it is:


It is in Montebello Quebec and takes about an hour and 20 minutes from Ottawa to get there.  Now HWY 50 Est/east goes all the way there (last time I went you had to go through a bunch of small towns including Thurso hometown of Guy Lafleur and a stinky paper mill).

I bought a Groupon for $13 for each of us. Normally it would have been $23 for me.  The Groupon is good until March and was most likely put out to attract winter visitors.  We lucked out with this spring like weather so it didn't matter that we had to have the windows open for most of the drive through.  Keep that in mind if you do purchase the Groupon.

You drive through and the animals come right up to your car!  Some animals like the moose, black bear and Arctic Wolves are fenced in but there are plenty of animals to come up to your car.
Don't forget your carrots!  That is what you feed the animals.  

There are several types of deer, boar and bison that come right up.

He was blowing and whispering sweet nothings in my ear:)

There are also a few trails you can walk on and the whitetail deer will come up and eat right out of your hand.

This walk lead to a lovely discussion about deer poop and the consistency of the poop and also how the deer were feeling when they were pooping!

The newest feature at the parc is lodging!!  Yes you can sleepover at the parc!!!! Checkout their website to see the unique cabins/tent/yurts you can stay in!

Maybe this spring? For my birthday...

My happiest place on Earth:)

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Love that place!