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Saturday, September 5, 2015

I run

I am not the fastest runner nor the strongest but I do run and I do finish.
I have been on the ground at 19K in a 1/2 marathon and had a fireman massaging my calves. Mmmmm marathon memories.
I have cried at the end of three out of the four 1/2 marathons I have run. One because I did it, one because I took too long and the last time a combination of the two.
During one 1/2 marathon, I didn't get the goop on the end of the tongue depressor... I thought it might be the gel you take to give you an energy blast...luckily I did not grab a stick and eat it. It was Vaseline! To put on parts that were chaffing!
I usually feel like I am going to barf after sipping a little H2O or Gatorade at the water stations but then I burp and I am fine.  I have never barfed from running and never plan to!
I have also never suffered mid race diarrhea! Just sometimes need a mid race pee but refuse to pee myself in order to keep racing!
Running with music makes me run faster.
I also always get a blister at the top of my Princess toe on my right foot and usually only there.
The "high" I get after running lets me get sh*t done! And keeps me sane. Running is my medicine.
Pretty running clothes gets me excited about running.
My runners cost more than my weeks groceries:(
I run so I can eat...everything!
The crowds are what keep me going.
I run for my health, to show my kids that it can be done and because I can.

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