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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

He is so not a Gongshow!

So Breton's favourite clothing line is Gongshow! We usually get it at Play It Again Sports. It is a local company, all about hockey! @gongshowgear
Where they are in Ottawa:,-75.7451908&sspn=0.0002136,0.0004055&q=www.gongshowgear.

He mainly has hats.

This is his collection:

I even joked with his teacher Mr.Rose that he would work and get paid in Gongshow Gear!

He has worn the black/red/white baseball cap and the blue/white/black one so much in a year that the straps at the back have broke:( 
Could be Breton's big puff of hair that caused them to bust!

I am campaigning for them to make women's briefs a la men's tightie whities but in cool colours (purple plz!)

My favourite shirt of theirs is "Son Of A Beauty!"

....cuz Breton is!!!! Hahaha;)

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Donna Read said...

I want the T-shirt that reads "Son of a Beauty"... every mother should have one!!!