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Friday, May 2, 2014

Forty onederful

I turned 41 today!
Here are forty one things I plan to do this year:
Skydive (booked and ready)
Bungee Jump
Zip line with B&D
Go to the CN Tower
Visit Tremblant
Win my triathlon 
Figure out what I want to be when I grow up
Fall in love
Get stronger
Be healthier
Be smarter
Make good choices for me and my children
Make more art
Grow an awesome veggie garden
Get another tattoo?
Paint my bedroom nouveau boudoir:)
Get my umbilical hernia fixed 
Eat at really good restaurants
Hangout at the beach more often
Grow my hair longer
Read a book
Write a script for a TV show
Travel more 
Drive slower
Sleep better
Continue to eat in bed!
Fix my front steps
Bounce more on the trampoline
Laugh just as much as last year or more
See more good movies
Dance and sing more often
Drink less mix drinks with pop
Smile a lot
Go horseback riding
Kiss - missed it for so long really enjoy it
Floss more often
Write better ... For my blog
Get a mammogram
Have a better race time for my next 1/2 marathon 
Be happy

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