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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Why not?

I have purple hair.

It isn't my entire head but a select few highlights and tips.  Thanks to my hair designer Manon.

Yes she bleached the pieces/parts first and then I have been maintaining the purple using Manic Panic.  I just retouched it last night and it looked a bit like the murder scene of Barney.  Hey I only had one glove so managing this way lead to a few spills and drips.  Thank goodness for bleach and yes my other hand by the end was purple:p

See it is subtle.  Some see it, some say it is blue and some might even ignore it:0)

Why do I do it? Why not!  It doesn't hurt anyone!

And it can always be changed back:) or a new colour introduced once the purple fades away.  Hmmmmm a whole rainbow to choose from and summer is coming...

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