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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Funky Canada Day

Hope everyone had a great Canada Day!!! 

Breton, Daphne and I were busy.  We went downtown early and it wasn't too bad but when we were leaving it was crazy busy (around 11am).  We went to the Hill to see the Changing Of The Guards and we saw barely anything:)  It was so crowded, at one point I saw Breton take Daphne's hand and hold it while we maneuvered through the crowds.  So adorable:)

Then we went to a party and we were a day late!!! Hahaha That's another story

After that we headed to Stittsville to meet up with all the cousins.  They had great activities for all the kids.  But man did it turn cold.  We had a BBQ at Noelle & Jay's and then went back to watch fireworks.  Long night.

The following are step by step photos of some funky facepainting Daphne got done at Major's Hill Park, while we were downtown.  The company that does it is called Kromatik.  Breton and I had our faces done by them awhile back too.


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