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Monday, July 22, 2013

Checkin' it off!

Run my 32K route in order to train for the Army Run in September x2
So I ran, actually walked this route once so far (it was my worst time and I didn't even do the whole thing 14.4K:(  Did bike this route and plan to run it again tomorrow

Paint my kitchen cupboards, which involves removing my cupboard doors, sanding them (back & front), clean them, prime them and then paint them...then re-hang them DONE!!! 

Fix up & paint Breton's room (just finished the TV room pix to come soon:)
Almost done...

Weed my garden Kinda

Mow the lawn and weed whack (sounds funny but not my kinda fun)

Go to the gym

Bike to Osgoode Did it!

Go paddle boarding (maybe??)

Go to Dunrobin to see Audrey & Sean's new house

Get shoes to go with a dress Purchased!

Sign up for  Oh no she didn't just type that!!!  Hahaha not quite ready yet:)  Although tried POF and that is a whole other blog!!!
Actually did sign up for Match...and dropped the POF (heard it was just for "hooking up" BTDT!

Walk Ruby Everyday at Bruce Pit

Of course clean Ongoing;p

Finish my art piece for the TV room.  Breton and Daph completed theirs but mine is really big and I need to go get another canvas and another copy of MY Many Colored Days by Dr Seuss ...hmmmm what could she be doing????? Still in progress

Start another art piece for the TV room involving a wooden pallet

Hang out with Molly & Stella, while their Mom goes out Did it and am doing it again

Maybe go see Dad again, with Molly & Stella...and their Mom, which would mean a pit stop to see Aimee

Blog a little A little? Maybe too much?  Have a bunch scheduled to come...thank you for reading

Hang out with YOU!  Ya I have.  Thank you for everyone who has "checked in" with me.  Now week #2...we shall see

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