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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Our summer vacay so far...

Went and visited Auntie Aimee & Uncle Tim at their new house!

Breton four wheeling!

I went four wheeling for the first time too!! Checked it off the bucket snowmobiling and jet skiing

Then off to Dad's:

D having a pre swim popsicle

This was the only way B went in the water.

Fun by the side of the road?  The kids have a "button" from an app that says "I love turtles" that is where this photo got its inspiration.  And we actually did see a turtle by the side of the road.  Turtles seemed to be a theme this summer (saw one camping...)

NO DUMPING!  Guess what B is pretending to do?!

Maybe the turtles area a "sign" reminding me to slow down and enjoy every moment?!

Or maybe this early morning visitor is trying to say the same thing...
More to come: our trip to Niagara Falls

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