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Friday, July 26, 2013

Derby Day Ottawa 2013

So I ended up going to Derby Day.  This is the sign at my secret parking spot downtown.  You will have to come with me to find out where it is and I have yet to get a ticket for parking there:)

So if you are a roller derby girl you have to have a cool nickname.  Some of the names at this game were Dr. Kegels, Afro Mighty, Power...what would my name be?

See the ref with the beard...kinda cool!

Many food trucks were there The Lunch Truck, Red Rooster, Churros, Angry Dragonz.  I had chicken pad Thai from the Dragonz.  I drove home and then ate it and it was still good.

So I am looking for someone to join me to sign up for Derby 101.  It takes place in Vanier and I am afraid to go alone. Come on Vanier, you do not have the best rep!?

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