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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Free is fun!

Once upon a time there was a beautiful single mommy that went shopping at Bulk Barn.  She wandered the store and picked up some Kale chips on sale @$4.99, Babybels @ 50% off, baked snap peas and peanut butter M&Ms.
She paid for them, then on the way home she wondered why it was more expensive then she thought it should be?  She should have paid attention at the cash but alas she is not perfect:). She checked the receipt the cheese was not reduced by 50% nor were the Kale chips.
She returned to Bulk Barn and SCOPed them.
What is SCOP?  Scanning code of practice!
She got both products for free!
If scanned higher than what is advertised you get the item for free!

More details below:

Ps won't be buying Kale chips again even if they are free:)

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