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Friday, April 11, 2014

Two halves make a whole right?

So if you are texting while in a 1/2 marathon this isn't a good thing...or you are really good at mulit-tasking?

Or you are walking the race because both your calves have ceased up!!  That would be what happened to moi:)!  I would like to thank the bike riding fool who was riding his bike into the oncoming herd of runners and caused me to jump out of his way...therefore resulting in one of my calves tightening.  I own the other calf tightening cause I did not drink enough water!

My chip time was 2:54 this included a pee break and at least 5 minutes on the ground at 19k because I couldn't even walk after the right calf completely tightened (this after I tried speed walking the rest of the race)

These are the guys (plus a volunteer) who  helped me when I went down.  Got me H2O and helped me stretch and I let them massage my calf;) ok gave them permission to massage it.

So I was disappointed that I didn't get a personal best (PB) but I did finish.

Thank you to Manon for waiting a whole hour for me after she'd finished and for crying with me at the end!  

In both my halves, it is funny after I cross the finish line, hugging my running buddy (Mirka & Manon). The announcer/MC states "finishing can be an emotional experience for some."  I like how Manon stated to me later " Be proud and be emotional is not a weakness it is human"

I love being human!

Also thank you to my two other fans who cheered me on during the race.  You know who you are.  Now that was emotional.


Anonymous said...

Congratulation on your race! Isn't it amazing how much your body can take and your mind keeps you goign the whole time until you finish? You did great by finnishing the race andb y the way those guys were really cute!
Maybe next year we can run it together again?

Anonymous said...

Cobgrats on your race. Great job finishing despite what you had to go through.
I only did the 5K!