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Friday, April 11, 2014

I went to hell and lived to tell about it!!!

Dear Spartan

I do not like you.  Based on your unorganization upon sign up and thereafter, we would and could not be friends.  You are pretty greedy too.  Charging for parking and even for spectators $15 - come on!  I paid your 70 plus dollars to compete or should I say torture myself.  Edelweiss Ski Hill -- uh mountain, you must really not like me either.  3X up and down those hills, black diamond ones at that!  Your little challenges were my entertainment.  Carrying ammo boxes and jerry cans, crawling through mud and under and over walls with your image painted upon them --please!  I'd love to jump the fire,  crawl through the tunnels, wade in waist high mud puddles and battle your "gladiators" if you'd supplied me with more water stations.  One at the top of the second climb of the hill -- what the...!  My battle with dehydration WAS my battle and maybe the altitude (or my low blood pressure to begin with?)  but definitely not pulling the weight on the pulley or dragging a cement block, winding the kettle ball or even all that mud!

Let it be known that I did not do one burpee, even though I did not accomplish those monkey bars, even bars, rope climb or rings.  I secretly raised my middle finger to you at those, as I ran on by.    This being the only time I could actually run.  I was not one of those crazies that ran down the almost 180 degree incline.  The whole time I descended I feared one of them rolling into me and that taking me out -------NOT any of your "tasks" being my undoing! HA!

I am a warrior.   This is what your race proved to me.  I was alone on those hills and I completed it all on my own.  My muddy shoes are my medal of honour not the medal they put around my neck at the end with your picture on it!   Again I do not like you and will never see you again!  And yes, in my final photo, at the end of the race, that is me sticking out my tongue at you ;P


Yours truly


PS If you are at Rideau Carleton Raceway, like you were last year...I may consider seeing you again;)

PPS What is up with the mirrors in the porta potties?  Who wants to stay in there longer then they need to?  Or was that a challenge of some sort?

PPPS  Thanx to the fire rescue guy who gave me a boost over one wall

PPPPS My end of race photo is coming and Spartan you will be the first to see it...enjoy these while you wait:)

The beginning: JenR and I.
  Ha! Spartan I did not pay your $5 for parking!

Warrior feet!

Spartan: been there, done that, got the t-shirt!

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