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Friday, April 11, 2014

Here she pin's again!

So Breton had a dresser in his room that I repainted probably six years ago.  When I did paint it I took off all the hardware hoping to get new hardware.  I did try but couldn't find anything that fit.

Thank goodness for Pinterest because I finally found an idea:

Bought metre sticks, sanded and stained them.  I then had them cut to size (thx Jay) and then drilled holes for the bolts.

I thought I bought wooden beads, to use as spacers between the dresser and the ruler but they were wooden knobs?!?!? I am such a knob or nob?  Anyways I drilled through the knobs and then was able to use them for my intended purpose.

Voila the finished dresser.  Only took six years:)

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