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Saturday, April 26, 2014

For all my weak bladder ladies everywhere!!!

So we own a trampoline.  We have so much fun on it.  Many times it gets to the point where we are laughing so hard we can not breath.

And we also love going to Skyzone.  Trampolines everywhere! 

Remember this post: 

I mention "padding up"?!?!

Well I do pad up because during that last visit the panty liner I wore did not cut it!  I had to go to the washroom and change it for a wad of toilet paper!! That DID NOT work:(

So I almost had a date at Skyzone and knew I couldn't be peeing my pants so I bought these:

Notice the ULTIMATE absorbency!

Well I just thought they would be a wee bit thicker than a regular pad and have magic peepee absorbing powers... Uh that wasn't the case.
Hard to tell from this photo but they were much larger than a regular concealed pad!  And I thought, Dear God what will it be like to wear!! So I opened it up...

It was HUGE!!! And I wondered Will everyone know I am wearing it?!
It was like the pads they make you wear after giving birth!  No you couldn't tell I was wearing it:)
So now that the warm weather is here and you come to my place, and we are on the trampoline...

I am jumping for joy!!!

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