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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Random Robyn

So I changed Sundays to Robyn's Randomness from Dear Diary.

Also look to the right and you will see that I am now part of the Yummy Mummy Club!  Very excited.  I have written a few posts for them under the name Robyn Perras but now many more people will have the opportunity to read my daily blogs.

This is my Facebook link:

Here are some random tips:

Wet boots?  Blow dry them.
Daphne's boots kept getting wet so we would put them over the vent or even in the dryer but they still were not getting dry.  The hair dryer worked quickly.

Freeze it:  Whenever I buy the prewashed spinach I always take some and put it in the freezer.  All the leaves freeze individually and then I can grab some whenever I need it, for smoothies, spaghetti sauce, soups.  It is better than the frozen brick of spinach you buy from the freezer section.

What I watching:

We do not have cable so we stream or use Netflix.  This is what I have watched:

Suits (yummy:)
Call the Midwife
The Walking Dead** I put off watching this one, even had to turn off the first episode because it scared me (a wee bit) but then I watched 3 1/2 seasons and I love it!!
The Blacklist
The Goldbergs (hilarious)


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