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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I would wear this...

I would wear this if it was on a t-shirt but it is not (yet:)).

I commissioned an infamous graffiti artist from California to come and do this on Breton's bedroom wall.  

Ok really it was my friend Natasha's husband, Ranz.  Who is an awesome, self taught artist (checkout his sketches/tattoos on Pinterest under Ranz DC).  He is from California but is in the process of moving here.

He created and completed this in approx two days (7 hrs)! So fast and so good!  

Ranz had a special assistant, who checked in on him every 10 minutes.

I am so jealous of his natural born talent!

I gave this to Breton as a Christmas present but it was up on his wall, mostly done when he came home on his birthday!! 
Original sketch

Thx Ranz
This tattoo next?
Anatomical heart threaded on the skin tattoo sketch by - Ranz

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Robyn Smith said...

Wearing my heart on my sleeve