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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ouch my body:(

One boot off and climbing the ice hill at the Kanata Rec Centre.  That was one of a few runs Daphne had yesterday.  We were just leaving, bringing down our sleds, that weren't needed and she went down on the right side.  Thomas (Breton's friend) and I went down the left side.  We waited and waited.  I went to check on her.  She was on her way but as we walked back to put the sleds in the car, she told me how she negotiated her way down by holding the fence then got her foot stuck in the fence and POP off her boot came.  She then climbed with one sock foot back up to get her boot.  The sock foot actually gave her better traction, she told me.

Although it was very icy and the lights weren't on, we had a blast!  My experience was: getting on a sled, heading down the hill, not knowing if it is smooth or bumpy, I chose bumpy(not on purpose), then spinning down backwards, repeatedly launched over bumps.  I got to the bottom and waited for my hip to stop hurting, then back up again.
Wake up Saturday morning...and I was only a wee bit stiff.  Better than I thought.  This morning we were off to Sky Zone, trampoline park.
If anyone says trampolining is not a workout, they have never tried it. I tried to keep up with a nine year old, an eleven year old and a newly twelve year old.  I knew I was getting tired when I started to trip between trampolines and when I'd rather bounce sitting down.  
I am exhausted!

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