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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

PC Plus

So you all know how much I love Shoppers Optimum Points, well now Loblaws/Superstores/Independent stores have their own version.  It is called PC Plus.  You can get an actual card with keychain cards too or you can get the PC Plus App
 With the app your card comes up on your phone and this is what the cashier scans.  Shoppers needs to get on board with this idea (admittedly they have me printing off coupons, this seems so old fashion these days).

With PC, they will send you deals for points based on what you frequently purchase, plus you can earn in store points on top of these.  This lets them quickly add up to $ you can turn around and spend instore.  Another feature of the app, is that it tracks and saves all your visits and purchases.

Hopefully Shoppers will go this way soon because Loblaws now owns them...

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