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Sunday, January 29, 2017

This girl...

Last Sunday Daphne and I were up until 4AM. No we were not out at an exciting event or coming home from one of our adventures, Daphne was violently throwing up. Actually she was seriously dry heaving. In her words "I sound like a dying animal." She woke Breton, as the gastro bug caused her to repeatedly puke every 20 minutes since 9:30PM.

We sat on her bedroom floor, watching 72 of the Cutest Animals on Netflix. I felt helpless. She wouldn't sip the ginger ale I offered her so at least there would be something in her tummy to bring up... I was told, kindly, not to touch her as I tried to rub her back as she threw up and  she accepted the cold wash cloth I believe just to appease me. 

A few times her hand would reach out to me and I'd tell her i was so sorry this was happening to her. She got the shakes and shivers so I got her her bathrobe and an extra blanket. 
To be honest, when the kids were younger, this was my worst nightmare, awful gastro bugs. I'd just wait for it to infect each of us, the kids and then me, as everyone else started to feel better.
We have not had a gastro bug in years enter our lives and now that the kids are older they are able to make it to the toilet or get it in the bucket...rather than having it all over their bed or the living room carpet.

Daph lost 5lbs, stayed home from school a couple of days because she was weakened but she is A-OK.

The following day as we recounted the night before events, I took the opportunity to let Daph know that the violent regurgitation she experienced could be exactly what can happen when one drinks too many "adult" drinks. #futurelesson #preventativeparenting #notsureshewillremember

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