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Sunday, January 22, 2017

So my usual weekend ritual/routine is, I get up at 6AM to feed the dogs and then maybe go back to bed and sleep in until...7:30ish.

When I get up, I have my first cup of tea and enjoy the silence because B&D are still sleeping.  I sometimes will get two hours of tea time.

This my favourite winter tea time mug: 

It was a teacher Christmas gift from one of my students.  
Look at it! It's a robin 
in the winter...skiing!
A Robyn X skiing

But that did not happen this Saturday.  We were celebrating Breton's 15th birthday and having a Paul Grant meet n greet.

Breton turned 15 January 10th but this was the first weekend the kids were back with me, so we could celebrate with the fam-jamily.

The Paul Grant meet n greet had to occur because my two sistas from other mistas, Michelle and Audrey had yet to meet him!  I thought after a year+ it was about time.

Pickle aka Michelle

Aug aka Audrey 
I met these sistas when I was Daphne's age now, grade 7, 12 years old... now we are all celebrating our 44th year (Audrey on Monday!!!! Happy bday Aug). It honestly had been years since I saw their significant others, Sean & Frank and Audrey and Sean's son Connor.

This was the last time our kids had been together, probably 5 years ago.  We, ladies have done dinner and chats over cafes but no boys were there nor our wee ones.  Shame on us.  It was great this weekend.

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Audrey Leclaire said...

We had a great time Auntie Robyn! Thanks for hosting a great get together. Loved seeing the kids and it was great to meet Mr. Paul Grant :) and Emma and Liam. ((hugs)) ps Thanks for the bday wishes - turning 44 is all good!