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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

F***... It's Buffet Ettiquette, DUH!!!

This blog post was inspired by Paul and I's trip to Cuba. All in all it was an incredible trip but these are based off of some of our observations and experiences:)

Things not to do at a buffet:

  • No budding (too many times this happened, by the end I became a budinski too)
  • Don't touch if you aren't going to take it (have you ever seen kids at a dessert buffet?)
  • Tongs are there for a reason, so are sneeze guards
  • Don't lick the spoon and put it back (Paul experienced this at the ice cream bar, where two kids were helping themselves.  One was using her hands to scoop the ice cream and the other, decided to lick the scoop to see if he liked it!!!! That was when Paul grabbed the scoop)Parents please please please teach your children buffet etiquette or accompany them when they are making their selections 
  • Don't waste, start with a little, you can always go back later
  • Don't take it all (New Year's Eve at the special dinner buffet which included a lot of seafood, someone proceeded to take all the crab, while Paul was patiently waiting to get some...)
  • Watch where you are going. Manners still matter at a buffet (people were on a mission during our dinner buffets = get food! They would plow right by you)


Maybe Paul and I should go to an adults only resort next time
and call people out on their rudeness


Sara said...

I highly recommend Sandals resorts. No kids and amazing food! Glad you got away from the cold weather for a little bit :)

leang heng said...

Good post blog!!